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New Releases: Week of 7/23/17

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It’s been forever and a day since there’s been a new release post here, but a number of factors determined this. The main one is there hasn’t been very many busy weeks since E3. The other factor is a hectic life with little time to post about a game or two here and there. However, the summer is winding down soon-ish so more games should be coming out before the holiday rush. This week is no different.

This week’s new releases include Pyre, Miitopia, Sundered, and Hey! Pikmin.

Pyre – PS4, PC – July 25

In Pyre, you’re the leader of a band of exiles looking to earn their freedom by participating in ancient competitions spread across a vast, mystical purgatory called the Downside. When the band of exile finds you, you become the defacto leader because you’re the only one among them who can read. This unique ability gives them an edge and a chance to compete for their freedom. By leading them in ancient rituals called the Rites you can possibly exit the Downside.

Pyre is new ground for Supergiant Games as it is a party-based RPG with more characters than its previous two games combined. The ensemble cast has a wide variety of characters to get to know over the course of the game. Each character has a unique story behind their exile and their own reasons for wanting out. You’ll get to learn these stories as you play.



The battle system is based around the ancient competition core to Pyre’s story called the Rites. It is like mystical soccer. By using each character’s unique abilities and a lot of strategy, you must extinguish your adversary’s flame before they can do it to you. It is an intense close-quarters magic battle. The game also features a local two-player Versus mode that lets you compete in the Rites with a team comprised of more than 20 unique characters from the game.

A unique aspect of the game is there are no game overs. Whether you win or lose a ritual, your journey will continue on. You never lose progress, but how you deal with loss factors into how the narrative unfolds. With no Game Over screen it means the journey will be personal resulting in no two players experiencing the game the same way.

Pyre runs natively in 4K on PS4 Pro consoles, and will be a setting in the Steam version of the game. For trophy or achievement hunters, the game features 50+ Trophies to collect including a Platinum one.

Miitopia – 3DS – July 28

Miitopia gives 3DS owners the opportunity to start an epic RPG journey with their Mii characters. The Dark Lord has been stealing people’s faces in Miitopia, and only one team of trusty heroes can stop it. Team up with friends, celebrities, frenemies, celenemies, and more to save Miitopia.

Stopping the Dark Lord’s plot is only part of the fun. You’ll assign characters different jobs to do and manage their friendships. Your Mii characters build relationships over the course of the game.

Whether it is interacting over meals, camping, exercising, how you make their sleeping arrangements, or during combat, their relationships get defined as you continue your adventure and their relationships cause specific outcomes.



Like Tomodachi Life, Miitopia trades on the hilarious and unpredictable scenes that will occur between your different Mii characters. Will Miitopia Shaq and Miitopia You be best friends or will he break your backboard?

SpotPass functionality allows you to connect to Mii Central to download Mii characters created by other players to add into your game. Amiibo support allows you to unlock special outfits with compatible amiibo.

Sundered – PS4, PC – July 28

Eshe is a wanderer in a desolate world stuck in shifting caverns infested with eldritch horrors. In there she must fight not only for her own survival, but her sanity. As she explores the caverns trying to escape, she fights gigantic, deadly bosses.

If she defeats them then she can claim their corrupted eldritch relics. Whether she embraces the corrupting influence at the sake of her sanity or resists the corruption to keep you sanity is up to you.

Sundered is a procedural, replayable Metroidvania where the structure of the game is set, but the rooms you enter and the way enemies spawn are both dynamic. As you explore you’ll fight legions of enemies, best gigantic bosses all to gain shards to spend at the game’s central hub.

Shards can be used at the hub when you die. The hub is also where you access the Skill Tree, which gives you access to Upgrades, Perks, and Abilities.



Upgrades use shards to give Eshe permanent stat boosts like health, melee damage, and critical chance. They help make Eshe more effective in general combat.

Perks modify gameplay and can be found through exploring the world and equipped at the Skill Tree. Different Perks grant Eshe various powers, but more often come with a glaring downside to balance out their power.

The last part of combat modification is the Abilities. Like Perks they are found in game world at Shrines. Abilities give Eshe a lot more freedom and power in combat and exploration like the Power Dash that replaces the initial Roll ability.

Abilities come with their own new branch in the Skill Tree to upgrade. They are also the core part of Sundered’s Resist or Embrace philosophy. Abilities can be corrupted to grant Eshe a much more powerful version of the same mechanic, but at the cost of Eshe’s humanity.

Corruption can enhance your gameplay significantly, but also has a lot of repercussions for the story and game’s ending. Any choice is permanent, so choosing whether to Resist or Embrace is hugely important.

Hey! Pikmin – 3DS – July 28

Captain Olimar is back at it in a smaller-scale adventure with a personal mission to save himself. After crashing on another planet, Captain Olimar meets the scrappy yet tiny Pikmin. Olimar and the Pikmin forge a partnership allowing Olimar to use the resourceful Pikmin to salvage Sparklium to refuel his ship, the S.S. Dolphin 2.

To get off the planet, Olimar will have to rely on the Pikmin and his wits to overcome environmental puzzles and enemies looking to make meal of his adorable friends.

Hey! Pikmin

Hey! Pikmin.

Unlike prior Pikmin games, Hey! Pikmin uses a side-scrolling perspective to give new life to the Pikmin series. The game’s touch screen controls further change up the Pikmin formula.

You’ll have to rediscover the different types of Pikmin and how to make the best use of them in the game’s environmental puzzles. Whether using flame-resistant Red Pikmin or the flying Winged Pikmin, each type of Pikmin will be super useful in your adventure.

The recently released Pikmin amiibo can be leveled up by gathering a certain amount of Pikmin in Pikmin Park. The higher your level is, the more Pikmin you’ll bring into your adventure. Other amiibo support includes compatible amiibo to find secret spots and solve touchscreen puzzles.

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