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New Releases: Week of 5/15

/ May 15th, 2016 No Comments

Shadow of the Beast

May keeps rolling along and brings some more new hotness with it. If you’re not still firmly enthralled in Uncharted 4 then maybe go out and buy one of these new releases.

This week’s new releases include the war at home in Homefront: The Revolution, the war torn in Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, the war on an alien planet in Shadow of the Beast, and the stealth war in Shadwen.

Homefront: The Revolution – PS4, Xbox One, PC – May 17

It is four years into North Korean occupation of the United States of America. The once free nation is on its knees under the brutal fists of the Korean People’s Army. Formerly the bastion of hope, America is now a ghetto under constant patrol of surveillance drones and armored guards with the purpose of keeping the masses under the KPA’s thumb and to snuff out any dissent.

The police state has caused the American people to live like roaches. Yet there remains a small amount of hope in the badlands of the Red Zone. A Resistance is forming with the desire to overthrow the North Korean occupation with you rising to lead it. Using guerrilla tactics, the Resistance is determined to start a second American Revolution even if they are at a huge disadvantage.

Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution.

As part of the American Resistance, players will explore an open-world version of Philadelphia under the oppressive control of the Korean People’s Army. It is up to you and the rest in your resistance cell to hit the KPA where it hurts most and inspire other oppressed Americans to fight. To win this war, you’ll need to use guerilla tactics like setting up ambushes, sabotaging equipment, infiltrating sensitive areas, and deceiving your enemy.

You’ll decide how you want to employ these tactics when exploring the suburbs of Philadelphia. Over the course of the game, you’ll expand your resistance by recruiting revolutionaries, establishing bases, safe houses, capturing and customizing your enemy’s weapons, and building your own Guerilla weapons. A key component of Homefront: The Revolution is online co-op, where you can play with your friends in your own Resistance Cell.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered – PS4 – May 17

Europa is at war with Gallia caught in the middle of two warring nations. The Empire wants all the precious Ragnite it can get, and it will not stop until the Federation and Gallia are under its heel. It is up to Welkin and Squad 7 to defend Gallia from its ruthless invaders. While they are outgunned and outnumbered, through determination and creativity, they can have a chance to stand up against the Empire.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is an updated version of the well regarded 2008 PlayStation 3 game. Now running in beautiful 1080p at 60fps with updated controls, and includes all the original DLC for the game. This is the definitive way to experience this wonderfully done action-strategy-RPG hybrid. Limited launch copies will come in a special steelbook case that should please any Valkyria Chronicles fan.

For more on the game, please check out our review.

Shadow of the Beast – PS4 – May 17

Karamoon is a world without pity and mercy. It is harsh and full of danger. Aarbron is going to have to contend with the hazardous Karamoon and the monstrous hordes inhabiting it if he wants to track down the evil mage Maletoth. To contend with the perils ahead of him, Aarbron will need to get vicious and brutal. Utilizing powerful attacks, weaponry and devouring the souls of the fallen will give Aarbron a fighting chance.

Shadow of the Beast is a reimaging of the 1989 Amiga classic of the same name. It retains much of what made the original have such an impact like a wondrous and inviting alien world. The game is a mix of action and platforming with a heavy focus on fast-paced action.

Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the Beast.

The combat system has a complex mix of attacks, counters, stuns, throws, specials, evasion, blocks and more. Each of these have “perfect windows” in their timing, which will allow players to rack up more points. Battles will start out straight forward and only get tougher the deeper you get into it as enemy types start mixing up.

The game will also include the original Amiga game as an unlockable bonus. This emulated version will have an infinite lives mode that can be turn on and off to help players stand a chance against the notoriously difficult game. The original David Whittaker score will also be unloackable in the game and use it as an alternative soundtrack in the reimagined game.

Shadwen – PS4, PC – May 17

Shadwen is on an important quest to assassinate the king. During her mission, she runs into an orphaned girl named Lily. Lily follows Shadwen on her perilous journey to commit regicide. With her tiny child ward, Shadwen will have to make difficult decisions when it comes to taking actions in front of Lily. If she is discovered will she commit violent actions and let Lily witness her crimes, or can she quietly and stealthily carry out her task.

Silence and shadows will be a benefit to Shadwen on her quest. Guards are ruthless and if they spot you then that’s it. It is important to pick your assassinations carefully. You can use the environment to help you sneak past guards or perform drop down assassinations from high vantage points. Shadwen also has a grappling hook to vault to roof tops and get a better position to infiltrate. The game allows you to use physics to help move around and with your grappling hook, you can use gravity to perform kills and make them look like accidents.



Shadwen can also craft traps to help her along the way like poison traps, and more. Time is also a powerful tool because it stands still while Shadwen isn’t moving. This allows players to stop mid-motion to get their bearing or rewind time to manipulate past and present actions.

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