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New Releases: Week of 5/6/18

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Lo and behold, it is May! Finally, spring may be coming for everyone now. Let’s hope. As spring blooms, so do new video games. May is a relatively quiet month with a lot of releases focused toward the end of the month.

This week’s new releases include Tyr: Chains of Valhalla, Laser League, and Garage.

Tyr: Chains of Valhalla – PS4, Xbox One, PC – May 8

Midgard has become impossibly technological and humanity has become reliant on mega-corporations for its survival. These big companies like Yggdrasil have an avaravice that know no bounds. All of these companies compete to be the global monopoly within a monolithic global economy. There is no balance as the world heads for collapse. Someone has to step up to stop the madness.

Tyr: Chains of Valhalla

Tyr: Chains of Valhalla.

Professor Odwald Din noticed the coming calamity by creating Tyr, a countermeasure to the chaos. Tyr has a mission to stop Lemuz Oki. Lemuz Oki’s aim is to destroy the world and use the anarchy to seize the biggest technology company and control the entire world. With the help of Huginn & Muninn and Sleipnir, Tyr must head to the summit of Valhalla to stop Lumiz Oki and his group of vikings & robots from bringing about Rangarok.

Tyr: Chains of Valhalla is a cyberpunk meets norse 2.5D shooter and platformer inspired by old-school ethos and aesthetics. It is full of power-ups and challenging boss fights. Race through levels using your creativity by utilizing different types of weapons and skills. Speeding through levels won’t be easy as you try to destroy vikings, mechas, and terrifying bosses.

Garage – Switch – May 10

Who would have thought life would take such an interesting turn for Butch? The ex drug dealer finds himself trapped in an underground parking garage with terrible danger lurking all around.



As he explores the hallways of the ominous garage searching for a hidden passage to the underworld, he must fend off zombies, mutants and even the military. Can Butch solve the mystery of the monsters who inhabit the garage and the garage itself?

Butch will need to track down all types of weaponry as he explores the garage and use them to escape. The various weapons found in the garage have their dedicated use against the undead, mutants and military with players needing to switch them in order to survive.



Inspired by VHS-era B-movies, Garage combines unique gameplay elements from survival, ammo management, shoot ‘em ups, and even racing. Levels are filled with plenty of secrets and challenges.

Laser League – PS4, Xbox One, PC – May 10

In the year 2150, a brutally competive high-octane contact sport has taken the world by storm. Laser League pits teams against each other as they duke it out in neon-bathed arenas as they avoid other players and deadly lights.

While teams evade the opposing team’s colored light beams, they each must vie for supremacy by overwhelming their opponents with speed, strength, and strategy. To gain the edge in a match, players need to utilize special offensive and defensive abilities and power-ups to gain control of the other team’s nodes.

Laser League

Laser League.

Designed to be accessible with plenty of depth for those looking to use more complex strategies to win, Laser League is easy to pick up for anyone. The arcarde style approach to gameplay lets matches be intuitive and easily approachable to players independent of skill.

Laser League features six unique classes to choose from: Blade, Smash, Thief, Ghost, Shock, and Snipe. There are 16 maps with unique laser patterns to choose from with 4 international stadiums. 15 offensive and defensive power-ups that can change up maps and gameplay, and 12 modifier effects allow players to switch up gameplayer to their liking. There are also 250 unique character customizations.

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Kalvin Martinez

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