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New Releases: Week of 3/19/17 | Gaming Illustrated

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New Releases: Week of 3/19/17

/ Mar 19th, 2017 No Comments

Mass Effect: Andromeda

March has been a hell of a month so far. The excitement of a new console launch is still fresh. People are still deep into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn, but this week’s new releases might be able to pry you away from those games.

This week’s new releases include Mass Effect: Andromeda, Toukiden 2, Troll and I, and Mario Sports Superstars.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – PS4, Xbox One, PC – March 21

It is time to take a step into the unknown as you assume the role of Ryder, the Pathfinder. Your journey will take 600 years as you journey from the Milky Way to Andromeda. Aboard the Ark Hyperion, you are leading humanity’s search for a new home in a faraway galaxy. It is up to you and your decisions on whether humanity will survive or not.

Mass Effect: Andromeda changes some facets of the series while retaining the core principles that made the original trilogy such a compelling adventure. The radial dialogue wheel returns giving players a wide range of choices when dealing with other characters. Ryder can deal with characters in four different metrics with the ability to improvise depending on the moment and situation. Andromeda will feature less emphasis on the paragon/renegade distinction rather focusing on more nuanced approaches to interacting with other characters and factions.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Exploration will have a renewed emphasis in Andromeda. Players will explore a vast galaxy from the Tempest with seamless navigation through planets within the galaxy. Ryder and crew will explore open-world style planets in the six-wheel, all-terrain vehicle the Nomad. It’s time to bring the Mako back in style.

Unlike prior games players won’t have to choose a class specialization at the beginning of the character customization. Rather players can choose upgrades from a wide pool with a specialization forming if they choose to concentrate in one area. There won’t be a cap to how many abilities players can earn and they can be reallocated at any time.

Combat has been overhauled as well. No longer will combat heavily emphasize cover or pausing the action. To aid with a more active-time combat, Ryder has more mobility than Sheppard did. Ryder can strafe around enemies and leap into the air using a jet pack. The added mobility will help Ryder with smarter enemies that attack from all directions to keep combat more active and allow for a level of strategy.

Toukiden 2 – PS4, PS Vita – March 21

During the Awakening, when a group of Slayers set out to defend Yokohama from Oni, a giant demon emerged during the battle opening a portal which swallowed a lone Slayer. Ten years later, the Slayer wakes up in Mahoroba Village with no memory. The Slayer only knows he must defend Mahoroba Village from the Oni. A unique cast of supporting characters will support the mysterious Slayer as he eradicates Oni.

Toukiden 2 gives players the freedom to explore a large open-world with Mahoroba Village serving as your hub world with plenty of services to enjoy. The serene world outside Mahoroba often gives way to the desolate wasteland, the Otherworld, as rifts created by Oni open up. When sucked into the Otherworld, players will have to be tenacious to find a way out thanks to the poisonous miasma cover the dimension.

Toukiden 2

Toukiden 2.

The series’ key “body part destruction” gameplay mechanic returns with new features to help players better destroy Oni’s body parts. Now not only will players have access to their Slayer abilities, but they can use the devastating Demon Hand to destroy body parts. The Demon Hand is a giant hand that allows a Slayer to perform powerful actions like slamming a massive Oni into the ground and more.

Toukiden 2 expands upon the gameplay and action players have come to expect from the series.

Troll and I – PS4, Xbox One, PC – March 21

After his village deep in the Nordic wilderness invaded by hunters, Otto is forced to flee. The band of hunters is looking for a mythical creature rumored to live nearby the village in the forest. After fleeing to the forest, Otto stumbles upon the mythical creature the hunters were looking for.

He befriends this giant troll; the two need to work together in order to find a way back home. Both will need to use their skills to sneak, strategize, and battle against the perils of the forest.

Troll and I

Troll and I.

Troll and I features couch co-op and single-player support. When playing solo, players can seamlessly switch between Otto and Troll to use each character’s specific skills to survive the forest. Whether it is the agility and stealth of Otto or the brute strength and magical powers of Troll, playing solo gives you control over both.

The ability to control both Otto and Troll gives you the ability to decide whether to approach it with Troll’s lumbering strength of Otto’s cunning. As you explore Otto will come across materials that will allow him to craft weapons to help improve chances of survival.

Mario Sports Superstars – 3DS – March 24

It’s a-sports! The time is now to lace up your cleats, tennis shoes, and riding boots because Mario Sports Superstars is bringing you some heavy sports action with Mario characters! Superstars brings together Mario and friends to compete in five sports: soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, and horse racing. These aren’t mini-games either; they are the real deal with full matches in each sport.

Mario Sports Superstars

Mario Sports Superstars.

The game features eighteen characters as they chase sports superstardom. Horse racing is a first for the Mario Sports series with players able to build a stable of horses and train them to win races. Since this is Mario Sports, expect to get an edge in matches with power ups to keep things exciting.

Mario Sports Superstars features single-player tournaments and training modes to learn the basics. Once you’ve gotten the hang of each sport, it’ll be time to face off against friends in online or local multiplayer.

Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

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