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New Releases: Week of 2/12/17

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For Honor

Valentine’s Day is this week, but why worry about a date or a box of chocolates or fancy French restaurants when you can beat your Valentine in some good ol’ fashion multiplayer combat. Whether it is crusher his/her head in as a viking or knocking him/her out as a giant googly-eyed ball, or sniping from a far, this week’s new releases are sure to bring them good loving vibes.

This week’s new releases include Sniper Elite 4, For Honor, and Deformers.

Sniper Elite 4 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – February 14

Elite marksman, Karl Fairburne returns to help the Allies once again. Set after the conflict in North Africa, Fairburne is dropped into Italy in 1943. The Allied Invasion has yet to begin. If Fairburne doesn’t help the men and women of the Italian Resistance fight the stranglehold of fascism in Italy then there won’t be hope for the Allies. There is something sinister in Italy and if Fairburne can’t stop it then there will be no chance for an Allied victory in Europe.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4.

Sniper Elite 4 takes players to the Italian peninsula with levels significantly larger than the previous entry and the biggest for the series yet. Karl Fairburne will explore coastal towns, Nazi megastructures, forests, and mountain monasteries. The new, larger levels lend themselves to more open-ended gameplay with plenty of different routes to victory.

The gameplay still feature visceral and complex sniping action. Players will have to account for wind, gravity, and heart rate to land successful shots. Every shot matters thanks to improve AI, which will react to player actions more realistically. The action isn’t limited to sniping, Fairburne has a diverse arsenal from sniper rifles to explosives. Players can even booby trap corpses to sabotage enemies. Helping you be more effective in combat is a deep customization system that allows you to improve various aspects of combat.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4.

The series’ X-Ray kill cam returns with new improvements to show the damage of sniper shots, and it has been expanded to include melee, shrapnel, and stealth kills. Sniper Elite 4 also sees the return of co-op and competitive multiplayer modes.

For Honor – PS4, Xbox One, PC – February 14

A millennium ago a cataclysm struck nearly destroying all civilization and transforming the environment into a harsh, hard landscape. From the catastrophe strong, sturdy warriors arose. Vikings, Samurai, and Knights returned, and each faction tries to scratch out a living despite the land being in the state of constant conflict. They struggle to rebuild their nations and reclaim their former glory.

The factions of Vikings, Samurai, and Knights have grown complacent prompting the warlord Apollyon to intervene. Tired of the weakness he sees, Apollyon seeks to manipulate the factions to create a state of perpetual war. The story plays out from the different perspectives of the Warborn, the Legion and the Chosen as Apollyon manipulates events to keep the factions at each other’s throats.

For Honor

For Honor.

For Honor’s combat is dubbed “The Art of Battle” and touts an intuitive control system. Players will choose from the different factions and fight using a three directional system. The drama of battle comes from anticipating your opponent’s moves and staying step ahead of them and death. Each faction has its own abilities, weapons, and fighting styles adding tons of variety to combat. Select from several different Warrior types in each faction to further customize your online play.

The story mode can be played solo or in two-player co-op. For Honor’s multiplayer component features several different type of modes pitting four against four, two on two, and a one on one duel. Players will compete in 4v4 dominion, 4v4 skirmish, 4v4 elimination, 2v2 brawls, and 1v1 duel.

4v4 matches can get chaotic and require close team work to achieve victory, but the 1v1 duel is where the intensity and tension of For Honor’s combat comes to life. For Honor is a unique take on competitive multiplayer.

Deformers – PS4, Xbox One, PC – February 14

After its big budget, next-gen debut in The Order: 1886, Ready At Dawn returns with a different type of game. Deformers deliver a tactile experience focusing on multi-player gameplay with an emphasis on skill. The gameplay is simple melee combat in an arena. After choosing a “Form” you will roll, jump, dash, shoot, throw, and defend against your foes.

The goal is to best your enemies and become the king of the arena. You can help your chances by using Power-Ups and consuming “Tribs” dropped by your opponents when you damage them to become a bigger and stronger “Form”.



There are many different “Forms” to choose from, each with their own unique visual style that can also be customized with different attachments, tags, emotes and taunts. There are different classes of “Forms” with their own strengths, weaknesses, and level of difficulty to use. Choose from Ranger, Striker, Guardian, Marksman, and Speedster to see which class fits your play style.

Deformers features a variety of game modes taking place across various different arenas. Players can compete online or in person with split-screen. They can also team up with friends in a cool couch co-op setting allowing multiple people in the same room to compete online.

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