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New Releases: Week of 2/11/18

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Dynasty Warriors 9

We cannot stop and we will not stop. Another week means some more new video games to keep an eye on. This week features some exciting updates to old classics, a few major Switch ports, and some new hotness.

This week’s new releases include Dynasty Warriors 9, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Radiant Histoira: Perfect Chronology, Secret of Mana, and Fe. Also coming out this week are Bayonetta 2 and Bayonetta for Switch, and Owlboy’s console debut.

Dynasty Warriors 9 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – February 13

Dynasty Warriors 9 begins with Zhang Jiao and his Yellow Turbans as the revolt against the Imperial Court. Over the course of the story’s ten chapters, many different important moments in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms play out. The fate of the Han Dynasty will be decided.

For the first time in the Dynasty Warriors series players can explore an open-world. With a new look comes a new way to progress. You choose how approach missions in each chapter whether you want to explore every side mission or go straight for the final objective. Battles also play out in the open-world.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9.

A redefinition of the combat also comes with a new presentation. Dynasty Warriors 9 adds Interactive Actions and the State Combo System, which focuses on responding and reacting to the environment. This allows players to utilize their surroundings to foster more strategic gameplay. With all 83 officers from the series to select from, there will be plenty of opportunities to utilize the new combat system.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – PS4, Xbox One, PC – February 13

When Emperor Charles IV died it sent the kingdom of Bohemia into darkness with war, corruption and unrest threatening to tear it apart. When his son, Wencelas took the throne, it made Bohemia a target since Wencelas was weak. His half-brother and King of Hungary, Sigismund the Red Fox knew it was his time to pounce.

After kidnapping his half-brother, he began to plunder the riches of Bohemia through invasion. As chaos ensued, citizens naturally got caught up as collateral damage. When King Sigismund ordered a mercenary raid that burned a village to the ground, Henry the son of a blacksmith and one of the few survivors of the massacre is forced to find a new path. Needing a new life, he finds himself caught up in the resistance against Sigismund and it’ll be his actions that help decide the fate and future of Bohemia.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has some serious RPG mechanics. Players can choose from a variety of character classes and their hybrids with robust customization options. Players stats grow during the game based on their choices they make in branching dialogue trees, and earn a reputation based on those choices. Its quest system focuses on nonlinearity with the ability to complete objectives in multiple ways.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance focuses on giving players’ real historical European sword-fighting. Its complex system requires focus and concentration to learn the medieval sword-fighting techniques necessary to be victorious. Despite a focus on sword-fighting, the game features many different weapons allowing players to master various fighting styles.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology – 3DS – February 13

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology tells the story of Stocke as he gains control of the White Chronicle relic and can travel between alternate timelines. As he learns to master his new ability, he realizes he’ll have to right the wrongs of the past to fix the present and prevent future annihilation. Perfect Chronology adds new story content in the form a new character, Nemesia. She’ll teach Stocke more about his world’s history and unlock a third timeline of “what-if” scenarios.

Atlus Announces 2017/2018 Plans Ahead of E3

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology.

In addition to new story content, Perfect Chronology has redesigned character art, new voice-overs, a new opening animation, new theme song, new event illustrations, additional difficulty options and five new songs from the original composer. It also includes two different ways to play: Append and Perfect, which allow you to choose to experience the original game then the new content or all the content from the start.

Secret of Mana – PS4, PS Vita, PC – February 15

By accident, Randi has been tasked with reviving the magical power of Mana. When he encounters the rusted out Mana Sword, he is deemed worthy to wield it. Taking up the sword he is thrown head first into the battle for Mana. In the tumultuous adventure, Randi is joined by two companions, Primm and Popoi, who must befriend the eight elementals who hold the power of Mana. It is up to them to prevent the empire from seizing control of Mana.

Secret of Mana Preview

Secret of Mana.

Secret of Mana is a remake of the beloved SNES classic. It features fully revamped visuals taking the original 2D game into 3D. The gameplay has also been updated reworking the original system to make it more modern with gameplay improvements.

Fe – Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC – February 16

As Fe you’ll run, climb and glide through a dark Nordic forest discovering the world and its secrets as you explore. Fe’s narrative approach puts the power in the hands of the player letting the story unfold at the pace of your exploration.



The forest is mysterious and remarkable, but it faces a great threat. Fe has to take on the Silent Ones and help the denizens of the forest to do so. By helping out the forest creatures against the Silent Ones you’ll experience their short stories while learning about Fe’s origin.

Everything is connected in the forest with plenty of things to uncover like secret places, hidden artifacts, old ruins, and more. Fe is about boundless exploration by being able to traverse the entire forest how you want. With different powers, Fe is able to take on the dangers lurking within the forest. Fe is about mastering the language of the forest. Armed with a diverse array of cries, Fe is able to befriend every animal or plant to help them on its journey. By mastering all the cries you’ll be able to unlock and travel to new areas of the forest.


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