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New Releases: Week of 12/4

/ Dec 4th, 2016 No Comments

The Last Guardian

If you’re like me and a good portion of your friend’s list then you’ve been neck deep into Final Fantasy XV. December is barely starting, yet we’re already saying farewell to the killer schedule of releases of 2016. It has been a good couple of months as we head toward the holidays, but things never last forever. Luckily, the first full week of December has us ending 2016 with a bang as we wait for 2017’s new video games.

This week’s new releases include the long delayed, and highly anticipated The Last Guardian, and the festive zombie killing romp Dead Rising 4.

The Last Guardian – PS4 – December 6

Imagine waking up in a mysterious place and not in your own bed without any knowledge of where you are and foreign tattoos covering your entire body. Soon you realize you’re imprisoned in a large, expansive castle. You need to get out, but you don’t know where to go or how to get back home. Somehow you manage to escape your prison.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian.

Soon you find a gigantic, wounded creature chained up covered in spears and arrows writhing in pain as you try to escape. Instead of ignoring this creature’s pain, you remove the weapons and free him. While he is hostile toward you at first after some time you begin to form a friendship. It becomes clear in order to escape the castle and the guards eager to return you to captivity that you’ll need the creature to escape and it will need you.

It has been a long road to the release of The Last Guardian, nearly as long as last week’s Final Fantasy XV with a similarly turbulent development cycle and console change. While its peer was more transparent about its development and what was going on near the home stretch, The Last Guardian has been secretive as ever. There have been glimpses behind closed doors here and there, but mainly we only know bits and pieces about the game. Much of the mystery is not to spoil the game for players, which is admirable in an age when we get nearly an entire game in trailers and streams before release.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian.

The relationship between Trico and the boy forms the crux of the story and the gameplay. The boy will need to trust and rely on Trico to get through the game’s puzzles. Trico for its part will need direction from the boy on where to go when solving the puzzles. The boy will need to capture Trico’s attention to place him. Both will need to smart and quick when avoiding the guards around the castle.

The road to The Last Guardian’s release has been long, but it is finally here.

Dead Rising 4 – Xbox One, Windows 10 – December 6

It’s been a long time, but he shouldn’t have left you without a plasma powered shovel with plastic explosives duct taped on it to beat zombies to death. After 16 long years following the events of Dead Rising, retired photojournalist Frank West returns to the scene of the outbreak: Willamette, Colorado. This reunion isn’t a whim or Frank getting nostalgic, however.

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4.

No, Frank is back because he is investigating a new outbreak that remarkably has overrun a newly built mall and the town it surrounds it with dangerous creatures… just in time for the holidays. Frank not only has to deal with those deadly predators again, but he must get to the bottom of this new outbreak. He isn’t the only one trying to crack the case though. He’ll have to contend with a clandestine military operation, a former student out to scoop him, and a smart new breed of zombie. It isn’t going to be all Servbot helmets and candy canes this time for Frank.

Dead Rising 4 brings back the zombie slaying carnage the series is known for. The game features new weapons and vehicles to use and combine in fun and deadly ways. The vehicle creation aspect of Dead Rising 3 returns with more over the top ridiculousness for players to try out. To make Frank West even deadlier against new threats are Exo suits, which are super-powered exoskeletons that make Frank a one man army.

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4.

Speaking of zombies, they aren’t the ones you’re used to. No, there are two types of zombies this go around: Freshies and Evos. Freshies are the newly zombified, which turn right in front of you. They are faster and relentlessly aggressive. They will charge directly at you and aim to rip you to pieces. Evos are brand new to the series; they are cunning, agile creatures that use tactics to maul you to death. Whether it is dropping on you from above, alerting other zombies, or stalking you until your guard is down, Evos are natural killers.

New weapons, vehicles and zombies aren’t the only changes though. Dead Rising 4 removes both the timer feature and story co-op gameplay. It gives players the purest form of zombie destruction: Frank vs. the world.

Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

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