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New Releases: Week of 10/2

/ Oct 2nd, 2016 No Comments

Mafia 3 Collector's Edition

The first week of October marks the start of the big holiday release schedule. Nearly every week until Christmas will have a major video game coming out. This week is no different as we head to the seedy streets of New Bordeaux.

This week’s new releases include Mafia III, Aragami, Shu, The Silver Case HD Remaster, and Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Aragami – PS4, PC – October 4

Aragami is summoned back to life by Yamiko to help her escape from the clutches of Kaiho. Thanks to the mysterious Yamiko, Aragami has the ability to use Shadow Powers. It is a good thing too because Kaiho’s army of Light is patrolling all over the citadel of Kyûryu. Aragami will have to use the power of the shadows to sneak past and outwit the army of light to free Yamiko and discover the secrets of his forgotten past.



The Shadow powers in Aragami give players the tools to become the ultimate stealth assassin. Aragami can cast shadows onto surfaces to leap around and avoid the detection of guards or get rid of corpses by using his Shadow Vanish power. He can also creat shadow clones and create black holes to swallow up enemies.

Players will also be able to play through Aragami’s campaign in online co-op from beginning to end.

Shu – PS4, PC – October 4

Can you outrun the end of the world? In Shu, you’ll have to do just that because an apocalyptic storm is chasing behind you ready to destroy you and everything in its path. While you’ll have to focus on beating the storm, you’ll also have to rescue villagers along the way because they’ll be your way to salvation. Every villager you rescue gives you new abilities to try and keep ahead of the storm.



Shu has changed a bit during its delays. The game has undergone a focus on speed running and the shifted the focus away from branching paths. New features have been added to the game to take advantage of the new focus on speed like time trials and leader boards.

The PlayStation Vita version of the game is still in the works with a targeted fourth quarter release. For anyone looking to try out Shu now can buy it on PS4 and get the Vita version for free thanks to cross-buy.

Mafia III – PS4, Xbox One, PC – October 7

Lincoln Clay spent years fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, but just because he left the war behind that doesn’t mean he’s done fighting.

When Clay arrives back in New Bordeaux in 1968, he wants to escape his criminal past. While his intentions are good, New Bordeaux has different plans for him. Clay’s surrogate family, the black mob, is betrayed and wiped out by the Italian Mafia forcing Clay to get back into the thick of things. Clay builds a new family up with the intention of revenge by destroying the Italian Mafia.

Mafia III

Mafia III.

Mafia III gives players the choice of how they want to take down the Italian Mafia. Do you want to take them out with aggression and open gun fights or go a stealthier route by taking the Mafia down one fish at a time?

As Lincoln Clay, players will have to build up their family by recruiting new members. As your criminal family expands, you’ll have to choose what lieutenants to promote and which ones you’ll have to take out.

New Bordeaux is a fictionalized 1968 New Orleans, which places players in an open world full of seedy activities and the social atmosphere of the time. The map is larger than both Mafia and Mafia II maps combined and will be made up of ten different districts.

Paper Mario: Color Splash – Wii U – October 7

Prism Island is in trouble. A giant mystery is going involving the color disappearing throughout the island. After receiving a letter from a color-drained Toad on Prism Island, Paper Mario and Paper Peach set sail to help resolve the mystery.

Once they arrive, Paper Mario gains the Paint Hammer, which allows him to restore color to the color-drained sections of the island. It is up to Paper Mario to solve the mystery and restore the central color fountain.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Paper Mario: Color Splash has the trademark humor of the Paper Mario series along with the eye catching paper look. The game’s new cutout feature gives players the ability to extract areas from environments to overcome obstacles.

The Paint Hammer gives Paper Mario the ability to color in the colorless areas of the island to solve puzzles and search for clues.

The game also introduces a new battle card system. Now Paper Mario can use a variety of different cards in battle to get the upper hand on enemies. Besides actions, Paper Mario can summon allies using Enemy cards and summon objects using Things cards.

The Silver Case HD Remaster – PC – October 7

The Silver Case is one of Goichi Suda a.k.a. Suda 51’s early video games. It is the first game from Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacture. It originally was released only in Japan on the PlayStation. A port of the visual novel adventure was developed for the Nintendo DS, but got scraped due to performance issues.

The game is set in contempary Japan in a place called the 24 Districts, where a series of bizarre murders happen. Two 24 Districts detectives are sent to solve the case. The story is comprised of two scenarios: “Transmitter” and “Placebo”. The former deals with the police trying to solve the murders and the latter deals with a freelance journalist cover the investigation.
The Silver Case HD Remaster finally sees the game releasing outside of Japan. The game’s assets have been completely remastered to run in 1080p. Much of the game’s UI and interface also has been updated to have a modern feel.

Due to some data being lost from the original game, some of it has been recreated for the game; as well the original soundtrack is being remixed by Silent Hill composer, Akira Yamaoka. Despite the updates and changes, the game will keep the atmosphere and feel of the PS1 original.

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