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New Releases: Week of 10/15/17

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole

October hits its midway point and brings with it a ton of games to be excited for. Whether you play on PC or console, or at home or on-the-go, there is plenty to keep you occupied this week.

This week’s new releases include South Park: The Fractured but Whole, ELEX, WWE 2K18, Gran Turismo Sport, and Fire Emblem Warriors. Also releasing this week are Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth, Spelunker Party!, and Episode 2 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole – PS4, Xbox One, PC – October 17

The New Kid returns to join Cartman and the gang to start a new game as super heroes as they explore the crime-ridden underbelly of South Park. Teaming up Coon, Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite, and more to stop the criminals of South Park.

You can create your own superhero this time around with a unique origin story, a costume of your liking, and your own unique super powers. Will your origin story involve utilizing high-tech weaponry, being an alien, or mutant powers?

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

South Park this time around is bigger with more to explore, but also you get a chance to go out at night. During night time, South Park explodes with activity from the criminal underbelly. Night is when your superhero alter ego can come alive.

By recruiting up to 13 other heroes including the Coon and friends, you can stop South Park’s criminals. You can combine your powers in unique ways in the game’s all-new dynamic combat system. Now you can manipulate time and space during battle. The crafting and looting system has also been revamped allowing you to better customize your character.

ELEX – PS4, Xbox One, PC – October 17

Maglan was a flourish planet with a population in the billions until the meteor hit. After the catastrophe, the survivors were left to fight and struggle for a precious resource called “Elex”.

Following a crash of your glider over the mountains of Edan, you wake up trapped far from your home Xacor. Being raised as an Alb, you were fed pure Elex to become the ultimate warrior.

Now being stranded with no Elex to tamp down your emotion, you feel for the first time ever. In enemy territory with no place to call home, you must find your own way in Maglan. Your decisions will affect the entire planet as you must decide if you want to be it’s destroyer or savior.



In Elex you can explore a giant, seamless open-world with no limitations for exploration from the get go. You can pick your own battles and choose your own allies. The biggest hindrance are the mutant creatures roaming the Elex-polluted wastelands.

The game features no traditional class system, you must find teachers to develop new skills. In choosing one of the game’s various factions you’ll change and influence the world around you.

Elex lets you choose what type of warrior you want to be with different fighting styles and plenty of diverse weaponry. Whether you choose a tradition sword or bow, or shotgun and flamethrower or even a plasma rifle, you can fight how you want.

WWE 2K18 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – October 17

WWE 2K18 promises to be the most realistic WWE game thus far with plenty of improvements made to its aesthetics and mechanics. The game features a brand new graphics engine, the addition of eight-person matches for the first time (only six-person matches on Switch), a new announcing team, and an even more powerful creation suite.

The big news is the refinements of both the Universe Mode and the MYcareer Mode. Also the addition of the Road to Glory multiplayer mode. Universe Mode has been refined to better track the schedule of the WWE with a new calendar, improvements to storylines, changes to the rivalry mode, and even more additions.

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18.

MYcarrer’s biggest change is the ability to freely roam around backstage allow you to interrupt interviews, take on side quests, gain bonuses, and more. The freedom to explore backstage comes from the improved storylines for MYcarrer with two storyline paths to take: Company Man and Fan Favorite. The better create a character mode helps make your MYcareer that much more personal. Add in tons of changes to the promo system and you can feel the story is your own.

Road to Glory is a new multiplayer experience allowing players to compete against other MYPlayers from around the world. You can compete in daily challenges and battle your way up in the ranks to qualify for PPVs that mirror the real-life WWE PPV schedule.

Gran Turismo Sport – PS4 – October 17

The king of slow jazz driving simulation games returns this month with its first entry for this console generation. Gran Turismo Sport features both offline and online racing in addition to its “Campaign”, “Sports”, and “Arcade” modes. Dynamic weather and day-night cycles have been removed from the game, but you can still customize time of day before a race.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport.

Sport features 177 cars with 27 configuration of race tracks to drive on. In a series first, Gran Turismo Sport will have Porsche brand cars since their exclusivity contract is over. The game also features PS VR support in a mode called VR Tour Mode.

Fire Emblem Warriors – NS, N3DS – October 20

Brother and sister pair, Rowan and Lianna must perform a duty to protect the kingdom of Aytolis. In order to keep it safe they must restore the mysterious Shield of Flames. During their quest they’ll run into famous characters from the Fire Emblem series as they try to solve the shield’s mystery and the mystery of the Chaos Dragon.

Fire Emblem Warriors features classic characters from the series like Chrom, Marth, Tiki, Lyn, and much more. Play a brand new story with new characters in Story Mode or relive classic battles from the series in History Mode.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors.

Each character their own particular move set on the battlefield including Warrior Specials, Awakening Mode, and the ability to pair up with other warriors to perform powerful attacks. Additionaly, every character has their own upgrade paths to power them up, can use Master Seals to promote their classes, and craft new weapons.

Not only does Fire Emblem Warriors utilize the gameplay style of the Warriors series, it also uses the classic weapons triangle from Fire Emblem. By taking advantage of weapon weaknesses, you can much more easily take control of bases and decimate your enemies.

Two new amiibos: Chrom and Tiki release alongside the game. These new amiibos and previous Fire Emblem amiibos unlock weapons in the game.


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