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New GTA Online Details Revealed by Rockstar Games

/ Sep 26th, 2013 No Comments

GTA Online

[adsense250itp]With less than a week before the launch of GTA Online on Oct. 1, Rockstar Games revealed some new information about what players can expect from the launch of the service.

GTA Online will support up to 16 players who can all be in the same world and take part in a wide variety of activities. Players will have the expansive GTA 5 map to explore by themselves or with friends. Things like shooting ranges, movies and sports are available along with the ability to rob stores, run from the cops and much more. Events like this will net players quick cash and Reputation for their trouble but bigger opportunities await in the form of Jobs and Missions. Whether going solo, with a Social Club Crew or a random group of strangers, players can find a large amount of missions across the map waiting to be completed. Races can be done off-road, on the streets, across the oceans and in the air. A new race mode called Rally has a driver and a co-pilot working together to complete dangerous courses. Of course, GTA Online will also feature a large amount of customization not only in creating an online character but with clothes, cars, weapons and even homes and garages to store all that stuff.

Reputation is the system that Rockstar is using for leveling and unlocks in GTA Online. Reputation is rewarded from the many things players do. By gaining more Reputation, players will open up new weapons, features and contacts who will give out missions. Cash earned will be spent the same way it is in GTA 5 but money earned in the single player cannot be brought over into multiplayer and vice versa. Rockstar noted that the economy in GTA Online is balanced differently from GTA 5 and because of that, it’s easier to make money online.

GTA Online

GTA Online will include Heists, Microtransactions and more

Rockstar also revealed that microtransactions are being implemented into GTA Online. Players who don’t wish to grind for in-game cash can buy denominations of GTA$. Purchased through the in-game Store, GTA$ will allow buyers the instant gratification of unlocking their most desired items. Rockstar was quick to say that GTA$ was simply an option for players and the game has been balanced and designed for the large amount of players who won’t buy extra cash.

GTA Online will also thrive from community feedback. Rockstar explained that the online world and experience will be shaped by player input. Players will be able to reach out to Rockstar and share all their likes and dislikes with GTA Online. Much of this input will be used for fixes and giving Rockstar a feel for what content and missions work best. Rockstar also noted that, due to the online nature of the experience, GTA Online will have its fair share of growing pains in the first few days and weeks. They reached out and asked for the community’s help and feedback to assist in fine-tuning and balancing everything.

Though an exact time wasn’t given for when GTA Online would launch on Oct. 1, more details should be expected closer to the date. Rockstar is planning on adding a large amount of content to GTA Online and detailed some of the first few content updates players can expect. The Content Creator will give players the tools to make and publish their own Deathmatches and Races. The Beach Bum Pack features four new beach vehicles, over 300 items of leisure wear and two new weapons. Capture the Flag will be an added mode and players can also create their own Capture the Flag matches with the Content Creator. Full co-op Heist missions will also be available; they will require planning and teamwork and players will also get a Heist Planning Board for their apartment.

For more information about GTA Online and full impressions when it launches, be sure to check out Gaming Illustrated.


Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

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Ben Sheene

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