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NBA Inside Drive 2004 Xbox

/ Sep 3rd, 2004 No Comments

Most reviewers would agree that NBA Inside Drive is XSN’s most popular mainstream sports title (racing is excluded otherwise the title would belong to Project Gotham Racing 2). This time around, the on-line aspects of Xbox Live are completely integrated, offering the gamer a much great gaming experience.


The actual gameplay and flow of NBA Inside Drive 2004 is much the same of the popular 2003 title – which is definitely a good thing. The flow of the basketball game is a nice combination of arcade and simulation – you won’t get bored from over-hyped gameplay and at the same time will be drawn in by the nice realistic NBA style of presentation. The shooting and passing systems are consistent with just about every basketball title on the market. The advanced controls for calling screens, calling for passes, changing defensive schemes, etc are quite numerous and offer a high degree of depth and customability.

graphics / sound

The graphics of NBA Inside Drive 2004 offer some decent animations and highlight style layups and dunks that should entertain you. The level of detail and depth to the graphics is a little disappointing, knowing what the competition can do, and Microsoft themselves were in charge of development. The sound is fantastic – the soundtrack is hip, the play-by-play is right on the money, and the 5.1 dolby support offers a very nice experience for those of you with quality sound systems.

On-line matches

Playing a game on-line offers a lot more than just whooping up on the computer. The on-line capabilities of this game are pretty impressive, with a Quick Match mode that lets you get right on the court in a matter of seconds. Being able to download new rosters is another way XBox Live upgrades the values of the titles you buy. The latency is of course dependant between you and your opponent, but overall, the on-line games were very fun to be a part of.

final thoughts

NBA Inside Drive 2004 is a fun basketball title and worth of consideration for purchase. The very deep franchise mode offers you sim freaks out there a whole lot to do – maneuver between the salary cap, make big trades, woo free agents, draft the right college players … the depth for the franchise mode is right where it should be. The gameplay is good, and the overall flow of the game is definitely a good thing.

The graphics of the game were good (not great), and the sound definitely is one of the highlights of the title. The longevity of any sports title these days is exactly one year – not all THAT long, but you should be playing the title for months on end.

Overall, NBA Inside Drive 2004 is a good title, and a definite top contender in the XSN sports franchise. The game receives top marks for gameplay and flow, the franchise mode, and the incredible experience that XBox Live can offer (downloads, matchups, leagues, and more).


Sean W. Gibson

Sean W. Gibson

Founder, Featured Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sean Gibson has been the owner and Executive Editor of Gaming Illustrated for over eleven years. His roles include acting as CEO and President of Gaming Illustrated, LLC and also includes being a reviewer, previewer and interviewer. Sean's opinions on this site do not reflect those of his full-time employer.
Sean W. Gibson
Sean W. Gibson

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