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NBA 2K14 Servers Make Game Unplayable

/ Dec 29th, 2013 15 Comments

nba 2k14 servers

[adsense250itp]NBA 2K14 servers are experiencing issues that make NBA 2K14 unplayable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Multiple users are reporting they are not able to play the game at all due to the ongoing server issues. NBA 2K14 is designed so that players cannot play various game modes – including single-player modes – without a connection to the NBA 2K14 servers.

2K Sports said the developers are currently working on the problem and hope to resolve the issue soon.

“Dev continues to work on server concerns. Will update when I know more,” a tweet from 2K’s Ronnie 2K said.

A large patch for NBA 2K14 began rolling out on Dec. 19. The patch aimed to fix many of the in-game issues affecting NBA 2K14 but it has had an unexpected impact on the servers.

Players have taken to Twitter and forums to voice their concerns with the NBA 2K14 servers. Some players have stated they have not been able to play the game for multiple days.

Our Take:

It was concerning that online functionality was such a major factor in NBA 2K14 and the ongoing server problems only exemplify that issue. For a game to have these issues a month after release is startling. The game’s overuse of Virtual Currency has also been a point of concern. It is clear that NBA 2K14 is losing the momentum earned at launch.


Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom

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Ryan Bloom
Ryan Bloom

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  • nick johnson

    Nba 2k14 is a JOKE!!! Way to make millions without a completed product.

    • Robert Reece

      We should be able to get our f-ing money back all these games are broken spent my money and can’t even play it

      • Ryan Bloom

        The worst part is it was a complete game until it broke. Horrible that this happens post release…I doubt they’ll ever offer money back but I’m sure we’ll see free VC at some point. Wonder if someone will raise a lawsuit because they can’t play the game

  • Erex711

    This game is reminding me of GTA Online’s awful rollout… and I thought EA servers were crap, 2K is DROPPING THE BALL!

    • Ryan Bloom

      Definitely interesting that this happened to both games

  • Japree Ddp Rhett

    the company that owns 2k owns gtav. why cant they get their crap together and have games with woking servers. Its damn near 2014 this shouldn’t be issue.

  • SRIA05

    I got to to the conference finals with the mavs and sweept the thunder but the other semifinal hasnt finished and it appers the same date when I won and says game 1 in all of the seven record 0-0 against no team and it doesn’t let’s me simulate until I can play the conference final.

  • Lancer VI

    Every time I start a career, get drafted and play a few games. I come back later to find a corrupted file and all my work and VC gone!

    Plus, not be able to skip the cheesy cut-scenes now that I’ve had to start mycareer over and over again is really starting to piss me off. I want my money back 2k!!! You can have your crappy game back!

  • sports23fan22

    Does anyone know of any legal action against these guys, because I will gladly add my name to the list? I am not getting what I paid for at all. This is a joke.

  • shibbard

    I spent over £600 on Xbox one and 2 games – NBA 2k14 I cannot play at all (day 4) and Battlefield 4 is so buggy its crazy. The games industry on next gen is a joke, they release games not even beta ready and charge ridiculous prices – to rub salt in the wound their communication with the players on the issues is near to non existent.

  • KSI jwm214

    Go to johnny2k on twitter and complain its straight to the source its quick and easy email password search johnny 2k givem hell i havefor 3 days

    • Cecil Bloss

      It’s ronnie2K

  • Cecil Bloss

    I have not been able to play for over a week. Christmas Eve day was the last day I could play it. I have submitted several tickets with 2K support, without a response, until I tweeted them the ticket number. Then they sent me a BS email saying it was Xbox One that had the problem, when they know it’s across all platforms. I had a MyPlayer at 94 OVR, had bought 5,000 VC with cash, and now it just goes tom the screen to pick a MyPlayer, like I just got the game. I now own a $60 mini Frisbee. The company has ripped us off, and refuse to take responsibility for it. I have bought every NBA2K game they have made. This will be the last time they get any of my money.

  • Charlie

    Sign this petition, maybe we can get our money back. It’s a long shot, but it’s easy and it definitely can’t hurt:

  • Skrilla Mcskrillerson

    This is still a problem. For the past hour I’ve been unable to play my game solely because of this poor programming. I’m not even trying to play online… I just want to play MyCareer mode. Thanks a lot guys, I have a $60 paperweight right now.

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