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NA League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split Week 6 Results | Gaming Illustrated

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NA League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split Week 6 Results

/ Jul 23rd, 2013 No Comments

[adsense250itp]The sixth week of the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split closed with Velocity eSports making headway while Counter Logic Gaming went through a slump.

Cloud 9 showed no weakness in their games as they went 2-0, beating TSM Snapdragon and Team Curse. Even after six weeks, Cloud 9’s Jungler Meteos continues to keep the highest Kill/Death/Assist (KDA) ratio at 10.8. Vulcun TechBargains lost a game this week against Velocity eSports, but won their game against Team Dignitas. Cloud 9 continues to stay at first place at 15-2, and Vulcun TechBargains sits in second place with a 11-6 record.

Team Dignitas played a strong game against Counter Logic Gaming, but lost to Vulcun TechBargains. TSM Snapdragon lost to Cloud 9 in a very decisive match, but took a very fast victory against Team Coast. Counter Logic Gaming had a rough week, showing a lack of communication and going 0-2 with losses to Velocity eSports and Team Dignitas. Team Dignitas, TSM Snapdragon and Counter Logic Gaming are currently tied for third place, each team at 8-9.

Team Coast also suffered a slump, going 0-2 with losses to Team Curse and TSM Snapdragon. While Team Coast managed to bring out Corki, a currently underplayed champion, the surprise factor did not lead to victory. Team Curse dominated Team Coast but took a decisive loss against Cloud 9. Both teams are now tied for seventh place at 7-10.

Upsets came from Velocity eSports, when the team dominated games against Counter Logic Gaming and Vulcun TechBargains. Velocity eSports’ new Mid Laner, Ecco, brought a diverse champion pool and a strong presence to the team. Meanwhile, AD Carry Player Maplestreet was able to pull off some great plays against champions Vayne and Varus. However, Velocity eSports continues to sit at eighth place at 4-13.

The next NA LCS game starts on July 25 at 1 p.m. PST when Velocity eSports takes on Cloud 9.


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