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NA LCS 2014 Spring Split Week 5

/ Feb 17th, 2014 No Comments

The fifth week of the NA LCS 2014 Spring Split finished up with Team Coast finally picking up some wins, and Team SoloMid continuing to dominate the other teams.

Counter Logic Gaming went up against Cloud 9 HyperX in the opening game. Counter Logic Gaming’s Jungler, Dexter, was able to show presence in bottom lane, pressuring the Cloud 9 HyperX bottom lane and rolling into an advantage. Counter Logic Gaming kept the lead, and took objectives and team fights in their favor, eventually grabbing the victory. Evil Geniuses and Curse fought out a close game. Evil Geniuses held a lead throughout the game, but the team fights always came close and even. In the end, Evil Geniuses got a catch on Curse and finish out the game from vision control. Team Coast went up against XDG, and Team Coast directed an early lead. Team Coast’s Top player, ZionSpartan, was able to farm up and become a relevant force on the champion Jax, and became the star for that game, dismantling XDG and winning the game for Team Coast. Team SoloMid took on Dignitas for the fourth game, and Dignitas pulled ahead early with early kills, but Team SoloMid racked up an advantage later with team fights and catches with superior vision control. Team SoloMid played the game well, with great engages from TheOddOne on Pantheon and eventually took the victory.

On day two, XDG and Curse met for the second time, with XDG taking a slight early lead with a jungle invade. However, Curse farmed up, played safe, and was able to take advantages of some misplays by XDG. Eventually Curse secured a win. Despite having his jungle invaded, Curse’s IwillDominate was able to recover and become a threat later into the game. Cloud 9 HyperX took on Dignitas, and Cloud 9 HyperX started the game with a slight lead, continuing with a small lead margin. Cloud 9 HyperX snowballed the gold lead further, and eventually took the Dignitas base. Evil Geniuses went against Team Coast, and Team Coast were able to pick up an early lead and stick with it throughout most of the game. ZionSpartan once again choose Jax and became a huge threat, able to split push and cause immense pressure. The game went back and forth towards the end, but Team Coast found a victory. The week closed out with Counter Logic Gaming facing off against Team SoloMid, a game hyped up for the week. Team SoloMid took an early lead taking the team fights and objectives. Bjergsen lands crucial spears on Nidalee for siege and team fights. Counter Logic Gaming’s Jungler Dexter was able to steal Baron Nashor from Team SoloMid, and the game kept going back and forth. In the end, Team SoloMid took the win after a long siege of Counter Logic Gaming’s base.

With week five finished up, Team SoloMid continues to hold first place at 11-1, on an 11 game winning streak. Cloud 9 Hyper X holds second at 9-3. Counter Logic Gaming and Dignitas are now tied up at 6-6. Curse holds fifth at 5-7, Team Coast rises up to sixth place at 4-8 with Evil Geniuses, and XDG falls to last place at 3-9.

The next NA LCS Spring Split game will begin on Saturday Feb. 22, at 12 pm PT with Dignitas taking on Evil Geniuses.

Shun Fukuda

Shun Fukuda

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Shun Fukuda
Shun Fukuda
Shun Fukuda

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