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NA LCS 2014 Spring Split Week 1 Day 2

/ Jan 25th, 2014 No Comments

Day two of the first week of the NA LCS 2014 Spring Split finished with Cloud 9 HyperX still holding the top slot and Team Coast at the bottom. In day two, five games were played.

First for the day was Curse against XDG. Curse brought in an unorthodox team, with Mid Player Voyboy on Akali, Jungler IwillDominate on Pantheon and Top Player Quas on Karthus. Curse played aggressive early, gaining kills and crushing XDG’s momentum. Curse proceeded to take objectives with the kill lead and eventually take a final team fight to a victory.

The second game pitted Cloud 9 HyperX against Counter Logic Gaming. Both teams pressure lanes, particularly the bottom lane, with the Junglers. It was even with objectives and kills in the mid game. Cloud 9 HyperX show better rotations, a switch to a split push strategy and eventually, a victory with a final team fight in Counter Logic Gaming’s base.

Dignitas took on Team Solomid in the third game. Team Solomid’s Top Player Dyrus took a turn on Warwick this time around, while Dignitas’ Mid Player Scarra took his turn on Yasuo. Team Solomid’s Bjergsen took control of the game, taking kills wherever he could find them and snowballing. Dignitas is never able to liftoff, getting behind Team Solomid’s advantages. Team Solomid took the victory with the fastest win so far in the NA LCS at 23 minutes.

The fourth game was between Evil Geniuses and Counter Logic Gaming. An early fight at Dragon gave Evil Geniuses a strong lead and they kept the momentum. Counter Logic Gaming kept the gold as even as possible with turret kills, but Evil Geniuses kept strong pressure and team play. Evil Geniuses capitalized on Counter Logic Gaming’s mistakes and positional errors, pressuring hard and taking further objectives throughout the game to eventually get the victory over Counter Logic Gaming.

In the last game of the day, Team Coast faced off against Dignitas. Dignitas took an early lead with their Jungler, Crumbzz, making plays and ganks happen across the map and exerting much more pressure than Team Coast’s Jungler, NintendudeX. Dignitas kept the pressure throughout the game, taking more objectives and pressing into the base. With the immense pressure and lead, Dignitas eventually got the win.

Shun Fukuda

Shun Fukuda

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Shun Fukuda
Shun Fukuda
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