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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Review

/ Feb 26th, 2015 No Comments

The Monster Hunter series has gained its fair share of fans over the years. It would be unwise for developer Capcom to stray too far from the game’s tried-and-true formula at this point. That leaves developers with the difficult task of making more games while still trying to introduce innovation. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the perfect example of this.

The game features a bevy of new mechanics, weapons and most importantly, beasts, but experienced monster hunters will find comfort in familiarity.

Release The Kraken

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate opens to the wide open dune sea as players are attempting to become a full-fledged monster hunter and join up with a traveling caravan. Unsurprisingly, the caravan is attacked and the hunter-in-training must ward off the beast while learning the mechanics of the game. Following the beast’s death, the questing begins with a variety of tutorial quests — most of which are optional — to help players get acquainted with combat.

I'll swallow your soul dragon! Oops, wrong game...

I’ll swallow your soul dragon! Oops, wrong game…

The world of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate feels expansive, yet easily viewable. There is plenty to see and explore in the world, which of course means a lot of monsters to bag. The strange assortment of characters that the caravan houses provide guidance, comic relief, and companionship throughout the entirety of the game. Players also have a feline companion that will help distract monsters and aid during combat. The Monster Hunter series has never had a true story in the traditional sense, but the games have made up for it with a world players can easily get lost in and a cast of characters that keeps gamers wanting more. This holds true in the latest iteration of the game.

The Ole Slice-N-Dice

Combat has overgone a nice, smooth overhaul in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Easier movement with the Nintendo 3DS analog stick and quick turns and auto-targeting make battling monsters more streamlined. Instead of dealing with a rough control scheme, players get to enjoy the rough enemies themselves. To help in combat, a couple new weapons have been added and many new monsters have joined the fray. To top it all off, terrain now takes part in combat as players can use height to their advantage for devastating jump attacks and strategic retreats.

*Insert Bada$$ Walking Music*

*Insert Bada$$ Walking Music*

The aforementioned feline companions play a major part in combat as well. Not only will it help keep a monster distracted, but it can also dish out a fair bit of damage. Of course, players must keep their companion’s gear up to snuff along with their own. Tutorials are also in place for the variety of new combat mechanics and weapons that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has added. This helps smooth the transition from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to the newest iteration, and for players new to the series entirely.

Get My Battle Music Ready

Who doesn’t want to see some magnificent dragons? Beasts are recreated in beautiful graphics, and the expansive world is nothing short of jaw-dropping on the 3DS. The first major shot of the game is the expansive dune sea as players sail across. This should not be considered a highlight, but more a preview of what is to come. Between the expansive traveling city, the wild frontier and other various locals, players will encounter plenty of breathtaking views. To top it all off, enemies are nothing short of ferocious and the graphics in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate bring these goliaths to life in a frightening way.

Gather your homies, blast the DMX and get ready for a beat-down.

Gather your homies, blast the DMX and get ready for a beat-down.

A slash right to the stomach is never more rewarding than when coupled with a vicious sound. Sound effects are solid in the sense that they add to the action. Noises often help players predict movement, get confirmation that a hit has landed, or simply enjoy the immersion of the surrounding environment. The music itself also adds a nice backdrop to the world of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and will keep players engaged. Music is both light and tense, varying based on the situation, which helps set the mood and pace of the game.

The Four Musketeers

Without a doubt, the biggest upgrade to the game is four-player co-op. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate allows gamers near and far to team up with friends. Players looking to just play locally can all get together for simple local co-op or use the 3DS internet feature to track down fellow hunters all across the planet. This greatly changes the dynamic of the game itself as monsters can be made far stronger to incorporate this ability to have more hunters than ever before.

Capcom really hit the nail on the head with the latest iteration of Monster Hunter by adding just enough new features to warrant a new game, but not so much that the series is warped and unfamiliar. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a perfect opportunity to jump into the series.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

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