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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 – Access Denied Review

/ Aug 3rd, 2016 No Comments

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 - Access Denied

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 – Access Denied is a throwback to rogue AI tropes. Sadly, it is the weakest entry in the series in terms of long-term effects, but with one episode left, there’s still a chance for more to come of the choices made in Episode 7.

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That said, the episode has a well-crafted story. While the broad strokes of Episode 7 can be predicted easily, the journey is worth it.

AI are Never Good

After having searched dozens of portals in an attempt to return home, the party is becoming quickly winded. Jesse attempts to keep the group together but with no real success, and the group ventures down another portal.

Inside, a rogue AI named PAMA has taken over in an attempt to make everyone more “useful.” The AI was made with good intentions and needs to be disconnected, while some of the group turns against Jesse.

While these broad strokes fit a cookie-cutter trope, the characters are what make this story unique. PAMA and its creator share a sordid history that requires players to decide who is at fault for the events of this episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 - Access Denied

Let’s not point fingers and cast blame, but as the inventor of an AI, it’s definitely your fault.

The choices don’t have too much of an effect in the long term, but the end of Episode 7 seems to be gearing up for a big finale that will tie in all of the player’s choices from episodes 5, 6 and 7.

Despite falling back on tropes and gimmicks, Episode 7 is the perfect rising action to keep players pushing forward.

Think Quickly

Dialogue and quick-time events are fluid as usual. But what sets Access Denied apart from previous entries in the game is the way it tries new things.

This episode features a dynamic espionage sequence involving a VR-like device. With the device, characters can jump inside enemies minds. When opponents realize they are being controlled by Jesse, players must quickly decide which enemy to jump to next, risking capture each time. This sequence is executed perfectly, and it is the best part of the game aside from the boss fight against PAMA.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 - Access Denied

Woah! Gameception!

The final battle combines multiple choice with dexterity based QTEs that aren’t so straightforward. These moments are much more engaging than the typical quick-time events, and we hope that this mechanic is something we see in future Telltale games.


Episode 7 – Access Denied feels like a stepping stone toward something bigger, but both for the franchise and for Telltale. Moral choices don’t seem to carry much weight in this episode, but we’re hoping that’s because these decisions are leading into Episode 8. Meanwhile, Telltale is experimenting with fun new mechanics that can add some necessary innovation into future titles.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 – Access Denied was reviewed on PlayStation 4 using a code for the game provided by the publisher.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

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Greg is a Nintendo fanboy who would cry if they ever went third party. He writes news, previews and reviews at Gaming Illustrated.
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Gaming Illustrated RATING



While the twists and turns of this episode were a bit predictable, going through them was nothing but smooth and featured solid controls. The hopping mechanic between enemies was well implemented.


The quintessential Minecraft style meets some grand desert views and very cool mechanical visuals, especially inside PAMA. The chase and fight scenes are incredibly cinematic, though stylized.


Greatly impressed with the voice acting, as well as the creepy technological ambiance the sound effects and score provided this episode.


Episode 7 is enjoyable, but it seems to be nothing more than a lead in to the grand finale in Episode 8.