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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 – Order Up Review: Fresh Adventures

/ Apr 12th, 2016 No Comments

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5

Fans thought the big finale was upon them, but Telltale has pulled a fast one with Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 – Order Up, which is the beginning of a new saga for Jesse and friends. Following the defeat of the Witherstorm, the new Order of the Stone has hit their stride but must now begin a new quest, which means three additional episodes will be purchasable for Minecraft: Story Mode in a new Adventure Pass, or separately. Episode 5 serves as an amazing epilogue to the Witherstorm story while also creating new questions for the strange portal and Sky City.

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The New Order Heats Up

Episode 5 is strange in that it serves as an end to the storyline that was drawn out over the course of the previous episodes but also is the beginning of a new journey that will continue across three more episodes. Fans who don’t wish to go forward will be reasonably satisfied with the way this episode wraps things up, while those looking to keep playing will have plenty of reason to continue.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5

Jesse and Axel on another whirlwind adventure! (Oh and the rest of you too).

After experiencing losses that depend on player choices throughout the episodes, Jesse and friends are prepared to move forward with the new Order of the Stone. They are no longer fresh off the presses of becoming heroes, but are instead seasoned combatants and protectors of the realm. The arc of each character has been smooth and Order Up continues the stellar writing. Throughout their journeys, the characters have managed to keep their uniqueness while showing new-found complexity. Minecraft: Story Mode’s ensemble cast works thanks to the attention paid to each of its characters.

This episode is everything it needs to be and then some, highlighting the quirky humor of this particular Telltale title while also hinting at a more mature story moving forward.

Sky-High Choices

Many of the choices seem infinitesimal in this latest episode, but will presumably yield greater results in future iterations. A lot of the decisions center on building new relationships as well as empowering old ones. Jesse and Axel are still best buds for life, Jesse and Ivor have work to be done on their relationship, and Ivor is discovering his place in the group. However, Episode 5 has one of the more dark decisions of the entire series, which greatly appeals to adult players.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5

Aiden is an insane fool!

Combat revolves around QTEs, but the difficulty has been amped up to an extent, making it more challenging and less button mashing. Sadly, this far into Telltale’s history, a change of pace for combat would do some good. The gameplay is beginning to feel static and uninventive. It’s almost interchangeable between any Telltale-developed game.


Let’s just get to it: the voice cast is amazing. Episode 5 gives many of the members of the cast a chance to show far more range and engage with characters in funny and different ways. Achieving such quality with an ensemble cast is nothing short of impressive.

The game still impresses visually, despite the limitations presented by its source material. The Minecraft aesthetic is certainly alive and well, while the PlayStation 4’s unbridled power is put to good use in showcasing Sky City and expressive character reactions.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5

So long… uh… fantasy cowboy?

Episode 5 is an overall great ending and beginning. It revisits some of the tension from previous episodes and ups the ante, even promising more to come. What Telltale has in store for Minecraft: Story Mode seems encouraging, and so does the fraction of the cost that the next three episodes will be priced at compared to the first five.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 – Order Up was reviewed on PS4 using a code for the game provided by the publisher.


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Combat seems far more challenging, which helps offset the static nature of QTEs, plus the choice system Telltale is known for remains a well utilized staple.


The game still looks great and has some really impressive visuals with Sky City (especially one scene that may or may not involve a free-fall)


Not a lot new to add here, still a catchy soundtrack but nothing groundbreaking, and of course the voice cast is still killing it.


Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 simply hits it out on the park on this one. The episode serves as finale, epilogue, bridge and beginning in a masterful way to create easily one of the most engaging Telltale episodes of any of their library.

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