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Minecraft Soon to See Update 1.8.2 for Xbox 360

/ Oct 2nd, 2012 12 Comments

Minecraft 1.8.2



Minecraft players on the Xbox 360 can expect a major update sometime this week or the next that will add new enemies, new structures, and new items to the game. Also amongst the list of new content is Creative Mode (a popular feature from the PC version) and the ability to sprint in game.

For those of you living under a block (pause for uproarious laughter), Minecraft is the immensely popular sandbox game that throws players into randomly generated worlds made out of cubes. Players build shelters, fight off skeleton archers, ride in mine carts, and, basically, just have fun with creativity. The 360 version of the game can be found on the Xbox Live Arcade and has just recently reached a milestone of over 4 million sales. It’s currently being developed by 4J Studios and has a huge community of dedicated fans online.

An abandoned mine with an Enderman and a Cave Spider.

An abandoned mine with an Enderman and a Cave Spider.

Diving into the update, let’s start with some of the basics. 1.8.2 will have new food like apples, melons, raw chicken meat, and rotten flesh (which can give your character food poisoning). Players will now have a hunger bar and will need to keep eating in order to sprint, a nifty feature that should shave hours off moving around. There will also be new building materials like glass panes and fence gates, and new structures on the maps like abandoned mineshafts and ravines. Adding to the game’s iconic soundtrack are 12 new music discs to be played on your in-game jukebox as well.

[adsense250itp]1.8.2 will also introduce three new enemies. The first are Endermen, which are these creepy, tall silhouetted figures with purple eyes. They can teleport and are a reference to Internet meme “Slenderman”. Then there are Cave Spiders, which are a small blue version of regular spiders. Don’t let their size fool you, though; according to the Minecraft Wiki they are actually more dangerous. Finally, the new update will add Silverfish, termite-looking creatures that pop out of Monster Eggs (which, coincidentally, look like regular stone blocks until you mine them and all you get are angry Silverfish).

The real highlight of all the new content, though, is Creative Mode. Creative Mode is all about, well, creating! Players have access to a menu with all of the materials in Minecraft and are free to design and destroy as they please. They can also fly and have no health bars or enemies to worry about. This new mode originally from the PC version should contribute nicely to the already amazing online collection of Minecraft creations, and fans (myself included) couldn’t be more pleased to finally be getting it on the console.

Creative Mode

Creative Mode

Just the other day, 4J Studios announced on their Twitter page that they will likely have the update ready for Microsoft Certification Testing early this week. The Microsoft Testing is estimated to take another few days to weeks before the content is available on Xbox Live. In the meantime, check out the Minecraft Wiki, this post by Mojang Studios, and the 4J Studios YouTube channel for pictures, videos, and more details on update 1.8.2.

As always, stay tuned with Gaming Illustrated for more news and articles about Minecraft as they develop.

Romtin Erfani

Romtin Erfani

Romtin Erfani is just another kid in college whose been playing video games as long as he can remember. FPS games are his favorite, but he's been known to dabble in a little of everything.
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  • iplas

    We can expect to see a list of features and fixed bugs this week when it gets shipped off to certification testing. Saying that it will be released this week or the next is mere guesswork, we don’t have a confirmed date and we don’t know how much time this update will spend in cert.

  • LadyLuck

    What about new biomes? I’ve heard different things about mountain, swamp and jungle biomes.. Are these just rumours?

  • Logomik

    Every since July we have heard the update will be out “soon” or “next few weeks”. Well… it’s October, so until we have an actual date, please don’t say it’s almost here. It’s killing me!

  • Romtin Erfani

    Hey guys/gals thanks for the comments. I just want to clarify that yes, unfortunately estimating a release date is still just guesswork at this point (the games wiki is saying October 8th but that’s not a definitive source). The good news is that its officially in Microsofts hands now, according to 4J Studios tweet from 2 hrs ago:
    “We’ve handed over the final 1.8.2 build to Microsoft! They’ll run some confidence tests then put it into Certification Testing.”

    About biomes, all I can say is that the wiki (which, again, is not definitive), promises new swamp, ocean, mountain, and river biomes. It looks like its a part of their patch scheduling but that’s all I can positively say.

  • Billyboy

    So is there going to be npc village? because my friend and i are kind of lazy so we were just going to take over a village instead of making one. 😛

  • Kody

    As far as biomes go, in one of the screenshots released (which i saw on a different site and wont name since id rather not advertise) they showed a river. which is obviously not on the 360 version currently. So at the very least one new biome is confirmed. Id be suprised if there isnt more in the update.

  • Romtin Erfani

    Billyboy: Mojang have confirmed that there will be villages, and you can see it with this image on their site. Unfortunately, there aren’t any actual npc’s in the pic so we can’t assume the update will have them. Love the idea of raiding villages, though 😀

    Kody: Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I’m on the same page in assuming there will be multiple new biomes.

  • Hey Romtin Erfani thanks for responding to my to my last question. But i have another one. You know how there are ENDermen? So is there not going to be an end? Because it sounds kind of fun to “as what i saw on a pc video” to jump off of a pilar to face a bunch of endermen and an enderdragon.Also im kind of struggling on a world in minecraft do you think you could help me on it ?

  • Billyboy

    Does anybody know how to make a VERY fast making mob trap? That is also effective?

  • Ryan

    Do you know if enchanting tables and xp will be added because that is by far my favorite part on the pc?

  • Billyboy

    THE UPDATE CAME TODAY !!!!!! Thank you microsoft and 4j for fantastic work on the update

  • Billyboy

    I have found out how to make a gravel shooter ! Hooray, and this is how to make it tnt=t g=gravel R=redstone l=lever ?=any block


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