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Minecraft on iPhone is Uber Addicting

/ Jan 23rd, 2013 No Comments

Minecraft iPhone
Minecraft iPhone

Minecraft on iPhone.

“What year is it?” “Why don’t I recognize the outside world?” “Do you how do?” These are all phrases from those affected by Minecraft Addiction. Minecraft Addiction is affecting people everywhere, from ages 6-55 (rough estimate). But it’s okay… Minecraft Addiction has no real side effects. Minecraft used to have the capacity to detach people from things like friends (outside of Minecraft. Duh!), having a significant other, and, in some extremes, seeing daylight. That was the past, this is the now! Minecraft is on iPhone now, and it is sooo addicting. Seriously. The game takes what made the PC and Xbox 360 version so awesomazing, and puts it on a phone to be accessed anywhere, at any time.

[adsense250itp]Starting from the basics, Minecraft is so ridiculously addicting due to the simple fact that it is essentially a world of infinite Legos. Yes, the toy, if you will, that has intrigued children of all ages (even the ones on the upper side of 20) for nearly 65 years. Every solid piece of the environment is a cube-shaped tile that represents resources such as wood, brick, sand, and dirt. Much like Legos, the player uses these cubes to create the world of their wildest imagination. Pause… Think about that for a second. Minecraft creates an infinite playground that can be shaped and molded to the creators liking. Now combine that thought with the accessibility and fluidity of the iPhone. The simple thought of this is enough to blow a person’s mind. KABOOM! Yes, an onomatopoeia was used, and yes it was totally appropriate. That too might have blown your mind, but get it together, there is more article to read. No longer does friendship distribution have to take a back seat! A person can hang out with his friends AND build the greatest monument the world has ever seen. Not only can a person still distribute friendship in person, but it is totally an option to play Minecraft with other iPhone friends via WiFi connection. DOUBLE FRIENDSHIP DISTRIBUTION POWER!!!

The vast majority of resources are made available to the player from the very start, but the amount of resources depend on which mode is being played. The player has two options, Creative Mode and Survival Mode. Both of these options are available for single player or multiplayer gameplay. In Creative Mode the player has free range with unlimited resources, which is basically like having a bottomless Lego container. Yes, there are unlimited resources. No, players do not need to stack block after block of the most expendable resource available underneath the character, while jumping, in order to reach those high up places. No, Sir-E-Bob. The creator has the option of flying, Goku Style, in this mode. Well, it is more of a hover… Goku Style! Along with being able to create to the heart’s desire, the player also doesn’t have to worry about pesky creepers, spiders, and other enemies that can potentially be detrimental to the player’s health (meter). Save those pesky creatures for players who want to try out Survival Mode. In Survival Mode the player starts out with the vast majority of resources, but must scavenge to maintain and expand upon supplies. Those pesky creatures are present in this mode, and they can and will kill gamers. Where Creative Mode is addicting because of the freedom the creator is allowed, Survival Mode is addicting because of the challenge it presents along with essentially the same freedom of creativity offered in Creative Mode.

The wonder of Minecraft, and the unavoidable addiction is nothing new. People have been falling victim to its Spell of Everlasting Obsession since the days when it was freeware on PCs. Now, with the power of iOS and the iPhone, the addiction can be fed on the go! Hang out with your friends while building structures and modifying the landscape, then show it to friends during friendship activities. There is simply no way to go wrong with Minecraft on the iPhone, and there is simply no way to fight or deny… Minecraft Addiction (now available on the iPhone).

Chad Whitney

Chad Whitney

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Chad is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated. A part of the Editorial team, The Chad has also dabbled in Reviews and Previews. The Chad has been a gamer since he became conscious of life. He has stated on more than one occasion that The Chad doesn't wear aluminum foil on his head, thus he is vulnerable to having his mind read. Mind reading can be a strain though, so FOLLOW The Chad @ChadNorris1390 on TWITTER.
Chad Whitney
Chad Whitney

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