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MidiLand S4 8200 Speakers v2.0 Review

/ Aug 5th, 2002 No Comments

There’s no way in hell the guys at the office would let me test out this speaker system (or any) at our offices in San Diego. So like any good reviewer who wants to crank the sound up to see just how loud a speaker set could possibly be, I took them home to my home-based office.

To start this off, think “Performance.” Think, “Power.” Think, “Unbelievable quality of sound.” Put all those impressions together, and it sums up to the S4 8200 v2.0 product. The most exciting feature about the MidiLand 8200 speaker set is the inclusion of the ADS-4000, which is not only a Dolby Digital processor, but also a DTS Surround Sound Processor (which is the next generation above and beyond Dolby). In addition to the original Dolby Digital (AC-3) 5.1, Dolby ProLogic, and 2.1 surround features, MidiLand has included analog 4.1-surround sound quality, enabling full EAX sound effects support! Amazingly the S4 8200 set can connect up to 3 digital and 1 analog sound components at the same time. What this will allow users to do is hook up a multitude of devices simultaneously – no change of wires is needed if you want to change what devices you are sourcing from, such as a PC, DVD, MP3, or other such device.

The total RMS power is 200W. That’s calculated by the following formula: Satellite 20W + 20W + 20W + 20W + 20W + Subwoofer 100W. The frequency response of the satellite speakers are 70Hz~20kHz plus or minus 3dB. The frequency response of the Subwoofer is 40Hx~500Hz plus or minus 3 db. The driver is a 3″ full range on the satellite speakers, and the driver is 6.5″. The dimensions on the units are:

Subwoofer: 11.3″ x 13.23″ x 10.16″
Satellite Speakers: 4.61″ x 4.72″ x 10.16″
ADS 4000 Unit: 7.88″ x 1.94″ x 5.69″

Talking a little bit about the included ADS 4000 Dolby Digital / DTs decoder, this is one hell of a value add! The ADS 4000 is fully loaded for the aforementioned surround sound capabilities. If your source input into the ADS 4000 is either analog or digital, the unit will take them all and process them into amazing multi-channel surround sounds with impact and effects powered by technologies such as DTs, AC-3, or EAX! The ADS 4000 also boasts an Infrared remote control, which allows easy access to things like volume, or preset speaker settings, such as Music, Theater, and Stadium modes.

Getting back to the practical use of the S4 8200 v2.0 unit, I had to bring the set home to install in my home office, because a 5 speaker + 1 subwoofer set seems a bit much for any office desk. The “professional” uses of this product is obvious, as first and foremost Audio professionals who are mixing tracks or cutting albums would be well suited listening back to their tunes on S4 8200 v2.0. Video editing professionals would have similar practical uses for this, as well as video game manufacturers for simulating “top notch” performance benchmarks with sound. The installation of the speaker set took approximately 15 minutes. Having experience putting together stereo equipment in the past, this was no difficult task. Those with little or no experience with “true” stereo speakers, expect a 30-40 minute install time, making sure you have everything plugged in just right. The manual is pretty helpful figuring out where everything goes.

Once installed the speakers show that you certainly do get what you pay for. Raising the volume in the back of the subwoofer to the highest setting, users control the volume of the unit through the remote control. If you were to scream at the loudest you possibly could yell, it still wouldn’t match the power of the speakers. Again, I can’t stress these three words when describing the S4 MidiLand 8200 v2.0 speaker system – Power, Clarity, Performance. The separation of sound is stunning, you’ll quickly tell yourself this is the best speaker set for a computer system you’ve ever heard. Using this system to hookup your television, along with gaming console system, will be wise, as the power and clarity does the best of games, movies, and television programs justice.
The performance of the sound for MP3s was stunning. I can’t stress how cool separation of sound can be. You have the lead guitar on your left, the drums and lead singer in the middle, and the bass or rhythm guitar on your right. This creates an amazing acoustic experience that enhances the pleasure of your listening experience. Dungeon Siege, a game that fully uses the EAX sound effects system, performed unbelievably. Turning up the juice, you’ll undoubtedly sport a smile of blissful glee! These speakers, speaking frankly, kick ass. Gaming has never been better!

Overall this just might be the finest set of speakers you can buy for the PC. If you want speakers you can use for a multitude of platforms, such as your PC, your television, your gaming console, whatever – the S4 MidiLand 8200 v2.0 speaker system is the absolute best thing you can buy. The suggested street price of the set is $339.99, which in my humble opinion is an absolute deal. For gamers on a budget, yeah, this might be out of your price range, but if you save up and buy the best you certainly won’t ever be disappointed. This product comes highly recommended!

Sean W. Gibson

Sean W. Gibson

Founder, Featured Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sean Gibson has been the owner and Executive Editor of Gaming Illustrated for over eleven years. His roles include acting as CEO and President of Gaming Illustrated, LLC and also includes being a reviewer, previewer and interviewer. Sean's opinions on this site do not reflect those of his full-time employer.
Sean W. Gibson
Sean W. Gibson


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