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Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference Review

/ Jun 11th, 2018 No Comments

Xbox E3 Press Conference

Microsoft was the first of the major game industry companies to present at E3 2018, and how amazing it was. We hesitate to say that Microsoft “won” E3 without first seeing the others present, but the Xbox conference has to be the heavy favorite.

We love how Microsoft decided to put the games up front and let them speak for themselves.

The Games

Microsoft decided to open the show with a big bang, showing off a teaser trailer for the new Halo Infinite. We didn’t get many details on the game, but we do know it will include Master Chief, which means we’re already sold.

Another exclusive that was shown at the conference was Crackdown 3. We saw another trailer for the game, which has been delayed yet again. It looks great, but these delays are starting to make us question if the game will ever actually be released.

Forza Horizon 4 was also shown, and my goodness does that game look beautiful. The racing game takes place in a shared open world that now has dynamic seasons that effect not only the entire world, but also how your vehicle drives. Oh, and it plays in a glorious 60 fps on the Xbox One X. Forza Horizon 4 is set to release Oct. 2 and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on launch date.

You remember that one super hero movie with all the greatest super heroes — it’s called Avengers or something like that? Remember how they said that was the greatest crossover to ever happen? Well, Shonen Jump said Hold my sake” and showed a trailer for Jump Force.

The trailer showed Frieza destroying what looked to be New York before Goku shows up. Then, Naruto is seen on a skyscraper, with Luffy from One Piece standing across from him. Jump Force will include 50 years of anime history. We are excited to see these characters merge into one world, and can only imagine what the story mode will look like.

The Studios

The biggest criticism of Microsoft has been its lack of exclusive games. The company seems to be throwing around Bill Gates-type money to resolve that issue.

At E3 2018, Microsoft announced they have acquired or opened not two or three development studios, but five. Microsoft’s new studios include The Initiative, Compulsion Games, Playground Games, Undead Labs and Ninja Theory. This brings a lot of hope for the future of the Xbox platform.

Gears of More

Of course, Microsoft had to announce a new Gears of War game. That came with the expected announcement of Gears of War 5, which releases in 2015. However, there was more.

Microsoft is working with Funko on a mobile title that is an interesting fit for the Gears of War franchise. Gears isn’t necessarily a kid-friendly franchise, so we’re not sure where the fit is here. A Gears universe real-time strategy game was also announced.

What do you guys think of Microsoft’s press conference? Do you think Microsoft had the best conference of E3 2018 or do you think another company will one up them? Stay tuned here for more news from E3.

Sal Thomas

Sal Thomas

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sal is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated.

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