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Mario & Luigi Dream Team: Green With Envy

/ Jul 26th, 2013 No Comments

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

[adsense250itp]Mario & Luigi Dream Team is looking to pump the man in green up to his brother’s level with some exciting additions to the Mario & Luigi series of handheld games. Rounding off as the 3rd part of “The Year of Luigi” with the first two being Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and The New Super Luigi U DLC, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is seeking to add another layer of depth to Luigi’s character profile by allowing him more time in the spotlight and breathing new life into the old “player 2”.

The first major change will of course be the use of the Nintendo 3DS and its graphical capabilities giving a far more (for lack of a better term) “3D” look to the game itself. Putting it another way, the world around you will have a layer of depth to it and make for a much cleaner look overall. Mario & Luigi Dream Team will be split between an open world (utilizing the 3D aspect of the handheld, read: awesome) and a “dream world” which will have more of a side-scrolling 2D appearance (also it will take place within Luigi’s mind, read: really awesome). The player will have to jump between the worlds in order to overcome obstacles and to progress in the game utilizing both Luigi & Mario to get past said obstacles and defeat enemies.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

The combat in Mario & Luigi Dream Team will utilize the 3D aspects to create attacks that now have a level of depth to them, one instance being the change-up with the special “Shell Kick” ability in which one of the brothers kicks a shell into an enemy to have it ricochet back to the other brother who then returns the kick and so on and so forth. This ability in previous installments has been as simple as that, a back and forth in a limited space, but with the new graphics capabilities, Mario & Luigi will run down screen a ways and the player will get to interact and watch as the two attempt to kick the shell up-screen as the camera moves with them until reaching the original fighting position. Smaller changes such as this are not what the developers were excited to show, however, it could be said they had “bigger” things in store.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Luckily sub-par puns is not what Mario & Luigi: Dream Team brought to the show floor at E3, but instead allowed players a chance to try out the return of “Large” battles (a mechanic introduced in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story). In Bowser’s Inside Story these large battles consisted of a fairly two-dimensional approach with the player (as an enlarged Bowser) battling enemies of a similarly enlarged nature. With Dream Team the battles are more than just a back and forth punching match, one of the demo battles showed Luigi growing to a new larger size in the “dream world” (with Mario riding on his head) and going toe to toe with a giant mechanical beast. The battle had its standard fare of back and forth hits and dodging, but the big tour-de-force was an environment that was altered as the battle raged on with different parts being destroyed (or interacted with) depending upon how the hits landed, which boiled down to the skill level of the player. Luigi with a well-timed hit could simply knock the mechanized enemy down, or with a more precise blow could knock him into a tornado of said enemies causing even more damage.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will also retain the turn-based battle system from previous iterations and serve as a wonderful spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario (which was in itself a spiritual successor to the aforementioned Super Mario RPG). With combat set to keep to its foundation, the plot of this latest installment to the Mario & Luigi series seeks to do the same by drifting away in some aspects from the typical Mario formula of “Bowser does X to kidnap Peach so Mario must find Y” by adding new villains and generally formulating a greater end game to the villains plot than simple kidnapping. As of now the plot is fairly loosely worked out as it involves the plumbing duo adventuring outside the Mushroom Kingdom and facing off against a new foe, Antasma, a being of the dream world. Bowser will of course find a role within the game, the full extent is yet to be seen, but battles with the notorious Koopa King can only lead to guesstimating about his role in the upcoming title.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will be hitting North America on August 11, so fans of the series will not have to hold their breath too long to play the title. Also interesting to note is the recent move from console to handheld with Paper Mario: Sticker Star, which raises the question of what the future may hold for the two beloved series. Whether or not they will continue share a console or become a pair of series that switch console homes, which means players can only hope that a Mario & Luigi game for the Wii U happens in the future.

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