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Madden Share Unveiled for Madden NFL 25 | Gaming Illustrated

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Madden Share Unveiled for Madden NFL 25

/ Jul 8th, 2013 No Comments

Madden 25

[adsense250itp]EA Sports revealed a brand new way for Madden 25 players to share user-created content via the in-game platform called Madden Share.

Madden Share will allow users a way to share, download and rate custom in-game playbooks, rosters and slider information. All of the content found on Madden Share is created and rated by actual users and will be accessed for free to all Madden 25 owners.

With Madden Share, gamers can mix and match plays or sections of playbooks from multiple teams all into a single playbook, allowing players to create the ultimate playbook for any situation. All custom playbooks from Madden Share, along with rosters and sliders, will be available to use in the game’s Connected Franchise mode.

The addition of Madden Share does not mean the end of exclusively created content from the Madden development team. Instead, developer EA Tiburon created Madden Share as a way to offer its users access to the community’s user-created content in between the development teams own releases for the game. However, this year players will have access to roster updates and playbook additions no matter when the Madden team releases official versions.

A user rating system to go along with Madden Share will allow players to easily sift through thousands of uploads without having to go through each piece of created content individually. Via a designated home for Madden Share, gamers will be able to find the highest rated content front and center, which will make it easy to find and access the best content available.

Madden 25 is set to release Aug. 27 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

EA Sports unveiled Madden Share through a new installment of the game information video series Madden Playbook. The one-minute-long trailer gives players a sneak peek at how the Madden Share system will look in Madden 25. The trailer can be viewed below.


Jeremiah Pierson

Jeremiah Pierson

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Jeremiah is a gaming fanatic who enjoys to flash his outgoing and vibrant personality. He has a dog named Contra and has let it publicly be known he shall be a nerd for life.
Jeremiah Pierson
Jeremiah Pierson

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