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Madden 19 Brings Back Longshot for a Homecoming

/ Jul 25th, 2018 No Comments

Madden 18 Longshot

Last year, Madden 18 debuted a story mode where players take control of Devin Wade, a highly touted high school quarterback who left football while in college due to personal issues. Wade and his best friend, Colt Cruise, are back this year for Madden 19 Longshot: Homecoming.

The first hour of footage from Longshot: Homecoming has surfaced via multiple outlets. From the gameplay, we see that wade is having a tough time in training camp, while Cruise seems to be out of the NFL altogether.

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You can view the first hour of Longshot: Homecoming below via US Gamer.

EA tried a lot of unique things in Longshot, including mini-games such as seven-on-seven touch football. Some worked better than others, but it looks like Homecoming will provide players with more opportunities to experience traditional Madden gameplay and less dialogue choices.

When I last saw Wade and Cruise, Cruise was heading to the Los Angeles Chargers while Wade received an offer from the Oakland Raiders. This was due to player choice. The Longshot: Homecoming footage shows Wade suiting up for his hometown Dallas Cowboys, but it remains to be seen whether the game will pick up where players left off.

We will find out when Madden 19 releases on Aug. 10.


Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom

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