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Madden 13 – Top 10 Most Fun Teams to Play As | Gaming Illustrated

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Madden 13 – Top 10 Most Fun Teams to Play As

/ Aug 28th, 2012 No Comments

Madden 13

Madden 13 features a revamped graphics engine with new physics, a new presentation layer and all new play-by-play. Of course, there are updated rosters, too – and we’ve played through all the teams to determine which NFL teams are the most fun to play in Madden 13.

If you haven’t read it already check out our official Madden 13 Review as well as Carl Armstrong’s (who works in the sports industry full-time) Madden 13 First Impressions.

The criteria to determine the most fun teams didn’t just break down by overall rating and this list is totally subjective and open to criticism/flaming (keep it classy, obv). What’s important to “make a team fun to play” in Madden 13 boiled down to the following factors:

  • Quarterback – The team has to have a solid quarterback that had a strong arm and accuracy, bonus points if he could run, but basically looking be an overall great QB, but not necessarily elite.
  • Running Back – A RB that could both carry and receive the ball. These guys can be so valuable against a blitzing defense.
  • Solid WRs – A nice balance between one sure-handed WR and a speedster, plus a nice third slot guy.
  • Security Blanket TE – These guys are so valuable in both real life and in Madden 13, especially in the red zone.
  • Sackmaster – The team had to have someone either on the DL or among the linebacker group that is a sacking specialist. You need to get to the QB!
  • Super DB – Either at safety or corner, you need to be able to control and shutdown someone else’s #1 option in the passing game. Once you search based on this criteria alone you realize how rare they are.
  • I like offense more than defense. That’s just on me.

After much debate, here’s where we stood on the topic of: What are the Five Most Fun Teams to Play in Madden 13?

#10 – San Francisco 49ers

These guys were very close to making the Top 5 thanks to a decent QB, decent WR group and really fun RB and TEs to utilize. Aldon Smith is a beast but there’s just a general lack of superstardom at any position to consider them in the top 5.

#9 – New Orleans Saints

While the defense frankly has a lack of playmakers the offense is downright scary. Brees. Colston. Ingram. The most scary guy not throwing the ball is easily Jimmy Graham who catches everything under the sun, especially in the end zone. This offense is mega-talented and able to put points on the board, making them very fun to play. However, the defense doesn’t have the same firepower which is why they don’t rank any higher.

#8 – Chicago Bears

The Bears have a great group on offense in Cutler, Marshall and Forte. They are a really lethal threesome and there’s an underrated, emerging young TE in that group as well. Past them though there isn’t much else to get excited about on offense, but on defense there’s plenty of studs such as Julius Peppers, Briggs, Urlacher and more. The Bears have a great balance of big time players on both sides of the ball. Great Madden 13 team to play.

#7 – New England Patriots

Maybe it’s a surprise these guys aren’t ranked higher and I’d definitely listen to those arguments. Brady. Welker. Gronkowski. Hernandez. Pretty darn tough. But no other WRs of note (Lloyd? No thanks.) and a complete lack of talent at RB. Plus, the defense has no shutdown guy at DB or safety and really no sackmasters either. The Pats fall off that Top 5 for their lack of players on D and at RB, but still, a Number 7 ranking isn’t all that bad either.

#6 – Dallas Cowboys

A very fun offense to play as with Romo, Bryant, Austin, Witten and RB DeMarco Murray. There’s a sacking LB in DeMarcus Ware that makes playing defense a pure joy, plus promising CBs in Carr and Claiborne. Again, very close to being worthy of that top 5 and you could make a case they should be in there. They are a roster really well built for video games.

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Sean Gibson

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