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Mable & The Wood Releases This Summer

/ May 23rd, 2019 No Comments

Mable & The Wood Releases This Summer

Graffiti Games and Triplevision Games announced recently its upcoming Metroidvania, Mable & The Wood will coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as well as Steam this summer.

In Mable & The Wood, Mable is summoned by some pie eyed cultist to save their dying world. What made the story bits in the demo so interesting is how blase everyone is at the fantastical appearance of Mable.

Mable & The Wood Releases This Summer
Mable & The Wood has such an odd tone to it, but it is so compelling.

Whether it is cultist or townsfolk or guards, no one is that impressed or bothered by her. It makes for a fun and goofy tone that’ll be interesting to see play out over the full game.

There are a few reasons the game is unique among contemporaries of its genre. The most exciting prospect of the game is the opportunity to complete it without killing any enemies or bosses. Players who are wily enough to find secret paths will be able to avoid combat.

This puts a level of choice in players’ hands that usually isn’t present. As a result of the multiple paths to completion, Mable & The Wood features multi

Additionally, Mable can’t run, jump or attack on her own. She doesn’t have the strength to lift the sword she carries. Instead she drags it along with her.

Mable & The Wood Releases This Summer
Mable can’t carry the sword herself, but by transforming she can use the sword to kill enemies.

However, when she uses her ability to transform, she drops the sword and when she returns to her normal form the sword follows her like a homing missile. By utilizing the direction the sword returns to her, she is able to dispatch enemies, or of course she can evade them if she decides she doesn’t want to harm them.

At the start, Mable can only transform into a fairy, which allows her to fly for a short amount of time. By using fairy traversal, she is able to create sight lines where she can kill enemies by calling the sword back to her as she transforms back. This can be challenging since players have to make sure they are landing somewhere safe while timing their transformation to recall the sword at the right moment to dispatch an enemy.

In the first boss battle against a giant spider, things only become trickier. Not only do players need to time transformations accurately to move out of the way of the spider’s attacks, but they need to time their transformation back to whittle down the spider’s health.

Mable & The Wood Releases This Summer
By defeating the bosses in Mable & The Wood, Mable is able to transform into them.

Since Mable is at her weakest here, the battle is frantic with her scrambling to stay alive against a vastly stronger opponent. Once she figures out the spider’s attack pattern than things become a little easier. With some quick thinking and deft maneuvering she is able to slay the spider.

Victory is sweet, but sweeter still for Mable is the ability to take on the slain spider’s form. One of the coolest elements of the game is the ability to take the form of the bosses you defeat. This opens up a lot more combat and traversal options for Mable. As she gains more and more forms, she can easily switch between forms to suit the situation.

Mable & The Wood releases this summer on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam.

New Gameplay Trailer

Our Take

We got the opportunity to play a short demo of Mable & The Wood, and we dug what we played. The announcement of console releases for Switch and Xbox One is super exciting


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