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Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System and G703 Gaming Mouse Review

/ Feb 23rd, 2018 No Comments

When you use a wireless gaming accessory, you probably think you have to sacrifice in some areas to get the clean look of wireless on your desktop. Maybe you’ll sacrifice response time to get a wireless mouse, or maybe you won’t worry about style and comfort as much if you can a wireless system that has little to no cables.

With the Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System and it’s compatible G703 and G903 gaming mice, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. This system gives you unlimited power without sacrificing anywhere else.

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System

While so many PC gaming accessories are branded to the max, Logitech keeps it simple and elegant with the Powerplay Wireless Charging System. An unobtrusive RGB backlit “G” sits in the bottom right corner of the mousepad, while another small G logo is present on the plastic receiver on the top left of the pad.

The design is also enhanced by the ability to switch easily between hard and cloth surfaces for the mousepad. It is clear that the designers at Logitech thought about not only what gamers need, but what gamers want.

In the same vein, the Powerplay Wireless Charging System gives users exactly what they want in terms of function. Does using a wireless mouse make you worry about your battery dying at a critical moment in your game? Do you tend to stay away from wireless gaming mice because they don’t have the same response rate as their tethered brethren? Logitech knew that was part of the limitations of a wireless mouse, and the Powerplay charging pad is the solution.

Continuous charging will keep your mouse charged between 80 and 95 percent. It’s not 100 percent for purposes of battery longevity, but it means you will never have to worry about running out of batteries, including while constantly using the mouse.

The lightspeed wireless system handles the other half of the equation, allowing a 1ms response time between what happens on the pad and what happens on the screen. The people at Logitech say this is actually faster then most wireless and wired mice. This is a true testament to Logitech’s commitment to gamers.

The Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System is available now for $99.99.

Logitech G703 and G903 Gaming Mice

Logitech’s G703 and G903 gaming mice are both designed to work with the Powerplay charging system. The G703 is the little brother to the G903, but don’t let that make you think it’s any less capable. In fact, I actually prefer a simpler mouse like the G703, but that’s my personal preference.

The G703 has six programmable buttons and the lightspeed 1ms response time when used with the Powerplay system or through its own USB dongle. The built-in battery carries a 24-hour charge while using RGB lighting or up to 32 hours without it. Of course, you could also use it with the Powerplay Wireless Charging System for unlimited power.

Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse

Some people may prefer the light weight of a mouse that has no battery is powered completely by a mousepad, but these are often so light that they feel like cheap toys. The heft in the G703 makes it feel more premium in the hand, and the included 10 gram weight allows you to add some heaviness. However, you will have to pop out the Powerplay module to use the weight, so this is a tad cumbersome.

The $99.99 price tag puts the G703 right in the sweet spot for gaming mice, especially when you factor in the quick response time. Now, if you add the price of the Powerplay charging pad, you’re getting into the upper range of what gamers should expect to pay for a wireless setup. However, the best part about it is that you don’t have to buy both at the same time. You can purchase the mouse and use it, then buy the charging system later down the road.

Overall, the Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System and its compatible mice are excellent products, and they are changing the game when it comes to wireless gaming accessories.


Sal Thomas

Sal Thomas

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sal is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated.

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