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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse Review

/ Aug 13th, 2014 No Comments

Logitech needs no introduction to PC gamers and the company’s newest gaming mouse doesn’t either. The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse is the first of its kind.

An onboard ARM processor interprets data from optical sensors, a gyroscope and accelerometer–dubbed the Fusion Engine–making the Hyperion Fury capable of tracking speeds of more than 500 inches per second. In our testing, we struggled to reach speeds above 200 inches per second, but this mouse is no one-trick pony.

Build Quality

The entire body of the mouse is composed of lightweight plastics to achieve a light weight while retaining the durable feel of other Logitech mice. Feet glide smoothly and the accents beam with the familiar Logitech G series blue light. The overall height of the mouse feels lower to the surface and is much more symmetrical than most popular Logitech gaming mice.

The G402 Hyperion Fury

The G402 Hyperion Fury

A glossy black accent stripe and thumb buttons add just enough flare to the mouse without sacrificing a firm grip. The addition of a thumb button that can shift from high to low DPI simply by being held down is invaluable in situations requiring pinpoint accuracy. The only shortcoming is that the body of the mouse is a bit long. When palming the mouse, the DPI shifting hotkey is about a quarter-inch out of reach.


As expected, tracking on the mouse is impeccable thanks to the Fusion Engine and Logitech’s Delta Zero sensor technology. The combination of different sensors working in tandem creates a mixture of perfect tracking and predictability. Even on a desktop, the cursor is exactly where it should be on the screen; no more corner-searching or spinning in circles.

Its when playing games that the mouse comes into its own. DPI shifting is a godsend in sniping situations, and it adds that little extra precision control when aiming down sights. For FPS-centric gamers, having the ability to shift from high to low DPI settings without being required to toggle through multiple settings and then back to high is almost unfair…Almost.


At an MSRP of $59.99, the G402 is priced in the mid-range for competition-grade gaming mice. It offers unrivaled tracking and great usability, but there are some sacrifices. There are no weights to add or subtract, meaning those who prefer a lighter mouse are out of luck. Other than illumination and hotkeys, there are no personalization options. Still, in competition the performance boost gained from using the G402 is more than worth giving up a customized nameplate or swappable feet.


Competitive gaming hardware has to be perfect. Everything must work as advertised so that players can get that extra edge over the competition. With so many products flooding the market–most with an insane amount of tweaking and adjustment to the point in which they no longer resemble what they are (see the Mad Catz R.A.T.9)–the Hyperion Fury is an extremely focused mouse.

No gimmicks. No false promises. No vibrating or force feedback, just perfect tracking. A little adjustment would have been nice for palm or claw grip players, as the Hyperion asks players to adapt to its shape. That being said, after getting used to it, the results speak for themselves.


Chance Asue

Chance Asue

Associate Editor & Multimedia Specialist at Gaming Illustrated
Chance Asue is a self-taught computer builder and hardware junkie. His favorite game franchises include Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy. He is Gaming Illustrated's Multimedia Specialist and reviews the latest hardware tech.
Chance Asue

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Mid-range pricing brings the best performance on the market, but without any customization options. Changes in grip or style may be needed to get the most out of it.


Straightforward, light and focused, the Hyperion Fury is built for speed. However, don't expect any personalization options.


Unrivaled tracking and the ability to drop from 4000 to 241 DPI in the blink of an eye makes this the best possible mouse for FPS gamers. No question.