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Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Review

/ Dec 8th, 2018 No Comments

logitech g pro wireless mouse review

There are many skeptics of wireless mice. Concerns over input lag, battery life and feel have caused many hardcore gamers to stick to wired versions of their mice. However, after years in development, the new Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse is here to silence wireless’ non-believers.

Developers went through 12 meticulous designs and spent two years working with more than 50 professional esports players to hone the Logitech G Pro wireless mouse into the final product. The result is the best wireless mouse to date.

Years in the Making

The first thing that stands out about the Pro gaming mouse is its ridiculously light weight and understated look. Innovation by its designers resulted in an extremely thin 1 mm wall endoskeleton and a ladder chassis system that brings the mouse’s weight to only 80 grams. Some may prefer a heftier mouse, but the Logitech G Pro evenly distributes the weight throughout the body for good balance and feel.

Logitech G Pro

Modern and simple

While many gaming mice have garish designs with sharp edges and tons of buttons, the G Pro is simple and classic. According to Logitech’s technical marketing manager, Andrew Coonrad, that’s because esports pros preferred the minimalist design and shape. The left and right buttons are joined by a clickable scroll wheel, as they are with pretty much any mouse you’ve ever seen. There are also two small thumb buttons on each side of the mouse that can be removed if you prefer a smooth feel. This means you’ll be able to comfortably use the mouse regardless if you are left- or right-handed.

I failed to mention a DPI button because dots-per-inch sensitivity is adjusted by pressing a button on the bottom of the mouse near the on-off switch. Unless you’re making adjustments on the fly, you won’t notice the DPI button isn’t there — and, let’s be honest, you probably aren’t. The utility is still there when you need to adjust the sensitivity between different games, but it is not much of a sacrifice to make for the simplistic beauty of the G Pro.


The main concern with any gaming mouse is input lag. However, Logitech has a solid handle on that through its Lightspeed wireless technology that delivers a 1 ms report rate. Logitech says this is faster than some of its competitor’s wired mice.

Both the wireless and wired versions of the G Pro have Logitech’s Hero 16K gaming sensor, which is the company’s “most accurate and highest performance” sensor. The feature-heavy, light weight mouse allows you to pull off split-second movements without issue. I played a lot of Fortnite while testing the mouse, and the G Pro was accurate and fast.

Logitech G Pro wireless

The DPI adjustment is on the bottom.

Logitech boasts up to a 48-hour battery life (with lighting) on a single charge for the G Pro. During my testing, the power drained a percentage or two every hour, perfectly in line with the company’s claim. However, if power is low, you can simply plug in the mouse through the USB slot in the front and use it while recharging. It also works with the Powerplay mouse system, which constantly keeps your mouse between 80 to 100 percent charged. You can swap out the Powercore module and begin using the G Pro in seconds.

When you purchase the mouse, you also get access to the Logitech G Hub (or the Logitech Gaming Software, if that is your preference). The Hub has a clean, modern look and is very user friendly. Here, you can change the RGB lighting for the G logo and DPI dots, change DPI sensitivity and customize button commands for the mouse. You can also create up to five profiles that you can easily switch between different lighting options.


Coonrad told me that esports pros were asking to use the G Pro wireless gaming mouse while working with Logitech during the process of creating it, and the company obliged six months before launch. After using it, I can see why professional gamers were anxious to get their hands on it. The light weight and ergonomic design feels great in your hand, and you will have no issues with lag or cord drag.

The wired version of the Pro is similar and is also impressive, but the Logitech G Pro wireless mouse will have you believing in wireless if you don’t already. It is available now for $149.99.

Note: Gaming Illustrated was provided a Logitech G Pro wireless and wired mouse from Logitech for the purposes of this review.


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