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Life is Feudal: The Mature Minecraft

/ Jun 23rd, 2015 No Comments

Life is Feudal Preview

Many gamers are pushed away from Minecraft for its cutesy graphics and simplistic crafting system. While Terraria and Starbound provide an alternative for more sophisticated gamers, both titles are not especially realistic. Enter Life is Feudal.

Developed by Bitbox Ltd, Life is Feudal is a game in which everything in the world is made by the player. At E3 2015, we got a chance to check out the game with Bitbox CEO Vladimir Piskunov and one of the game’s active community members.

Don’t Mess with Bear

In Life is Feudal, skills and experience increase in decimals. This hinges entirely on server modifiers that determine how quickly skills raise and subsequently decrease. While this will turn away a lot of casual gamers, this meticulous system of leveling up is meant to attract gamers who want to invest more time in a game.

Having the feel of an MMO encourages Life is Feudal players to game on the daily, but a large time commitment is not necessary to get the most out of the game. Watching skills increase by decimals gives makes players more attachment to their characters, a method similar to Dungeons & Dragons. Since characters will progress slowly, players will feel more invested in their characters.

E3 2015

Step on inta da castle bruv.

Everything found on a server is crafted by players. There are some AI-controlled animals roaming around that can be used for hunting, farming or riding. Most servers maintain a skill cap, meaning players who reach a certain level will be locked out of progressing in other skill trees, akin to games like Skyrim. This also encourages teamwork. If everyone on the server only works on weapon-smithing and swordplay, nobody will be able to build castles or siege weaponry.

This teamwork mechanic extends to combat. PvP requires a group effort to storm opponents’ castles and defend your own. Non-playable animals also provide a unique twist to combat, especially bears.

Open Communication

Life is Feudal currently exists in alpha, and is being constantly updated. The game has already gone through a number of game-altering updates, including adjusting damage and introducing mounted combat. The game is set for a full release in October, and developers are encouraging the player base to offer its feedback.

E3 2015

And miles to go before I sleep.

Life is Feudal’s biggest downfall is the sheer amount of time it is asking players to invest in it. Players don’t have to log on every day, but it will be a great benefit to use a considerable amount of hours on the experience. Nothing comes quick or easy, and this will make some new players bored. However, the reward of character progression and world building become that much more fulfilling.

The game has a ton of potential if it can manage to fulfill. One unique experience occurs in a server where regulars meet for fighting tournaments on weekends. The world is complete with a player-built arena. This neutral ground for dueling was not something implemented by the developers, but something that brought them much delight.

Boris the Life is Feudal Developer


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