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Legend Online: New Era (iOS) Review

/ Feb 12th, 2014 No Comments

Legend Online: New Era

When a developer or publisher promises to deliver a well-executed MMORPG on a mobile platform, gamers have reason to be suspicious. The genre seems to automatically bring to mind the PC greats (World of Warcraft, Diablo, etc.), but mobile gamers should push any of those associations out of mind. As much as we would love to see an MMO of that same caliber on our pocket-bound machines, that reality is a long way off.

Fortunately while you pine for that yet undelivered experience, you can pass the time by getting your hands on 337’s new mobile MMORPG, Legend Online: New Era. Previously popular on Android, the game has made the move to iOS with no more snags than it had on its previous platform, unfortunately no fewer either.


Eschewing a true storyline, Legend Online: New Era instead pays homage to the traditional dungeon crawler with a focus on grinding battles over an interesting narrative. When they first enter a server, players are given a choice of three classes – warrior, mage or archer – and then tasked with building themselves up by collecting gold and experience through battling both NPCs and other players. Experience points collected level up your character and unlock skill points, which can be used to upgrade individual attacks, and increase the max level of your city’s buildings.

Turn based combat can be dull if not executed correctly

Turn based combat can be dull if not executed correctly

Gold is the game’s main currency, and it can be used to better outfit your fighter and upgrade those aforementioned buildings which perform various functions, including raising more gold, recruiting and training troops, and researching to improve individual stats. In addition to gold, two other currencies can be bought via in-game transactions. They are used to speed up upgrades, skip wait times, purchase equipment and buy VIP status.

Unfortunately, players will quickly realize that without purchasing these two currencies, Legend Online: New Era isn’t a game that will hold their attention for any length of time. Transactions have been made imperative to enjoying the game. In this MMO paying and non-paying players are noticeably unbalanced.


Combat operates on a time-continuous turn-based system in which characters auto-fight between the player’s use of special attacks that feed off of mana. Unfortunately, tapping those skill buttons on the rack at the bottom of the screen is the only action that players can take during battle. Lacking is any control over target selection or movement, which makes for an absence of any sort of battle strategy and renders the team chat capabilities pointless. All of players’ time is spent staring at their attacks, waiting for the time limit to end and mana to recharge so that they can just tap the screen once again.


The multiplayer aspect of the game takes place in the arena, where players can battle each other, and in the group dungeon, where players join forces against computer enemies. There’s virtually no difference between these two modes. Because each class has a very limited skill tree, there is little room for variety among players. You’ll find that power relies less on battle prowess and more on how much money the person has spent so far on the game. Often in the group dungeon crawls, there will be one super-powerful character carrying the other members of the team. This doesn’t make for a whole lot of fun.


On the positive side, the graphics have that retro, old-style RPG look. Animations are clunky and unattractive, but the charming appearance reminiscent of the hand-painted covers of old adventure stories more than makes up for it. It has a depth not always found in the 3D modeled art of the modern RPG.

Legend Online: New Era review

Legend Online: New Era has great, old-school graphics.

On the negative side, the textual aspects of this game are atrocious, littered with poor grammar and shorthand for terms that the casual player won’t immediately understand. Players can expect to have to click random things just to “see what they do” in this wholly unapproachable interface.


For a game that you can pull up on your phone on a whim and click around in for free, Legend Online: New Era does it’s job; but expect to pay a whole lot more if you want the full experience. The game offers memberships in the form of VIP privileges that run you $30 a month or $80 a year respectively. This membership is absolutely imperative in order to continue to make progress in the game at a pace that isn’t absolutely irritating. The $30 base cost alone per month is far too steep for a mobile title, and that’s without extra cash spent on the other two in-game currencies necessary to improve your character.

It’s blatantly obvious that this game is made with the sole intent of raking in the dough, to the point where efforts to improve other aspects of the game have been forgone. In summary, download and try it if your curiosity gets the better of you, but even that is discouraged.


Miranda L Visser

Miranda L Visser

Gaming since she dug an NES out of a dumpster down the street from her home as a child, Miranda L Visser contributes to Gaming Illustrated while working on her M.A. in Norway. She dearly misses steak and being able to walk down the street to buy cheap games.
Miranda L Visser
Miranda L Visser

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