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League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Day 6 Results

/ Sep 23rd, 2013 No Comments

[adsense250itp]The final day of group stages in the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship ended with some entertaining and close games. Group B was up first for five games and Fnatic was more or less locked in to move out of the group.

Game one of the day pitted Gambit BenQ against Fnatic. Gambit BenQ gave it their all, but Fnatic has had Gambit BenQ’s number so far, and after taking a decisive lead, won the game. Fnatic’s playmaker, xPeke, made a real splash with Fizz, showing how dangerous it is to give xPeke any assassin type champion.

The second game put Vulcun TechBargains against Samsung Ozone. Despite Vulcun TechBargains taking an early lead, Samsung Ozone took the game back in force and cleaned it up, ending Vulcun TechBargains’ chance of moving up from group stages.

Game three put Fnatic and Team Mineski in an entertaining game. Team Mineski had nothing to lose, and ran a team composition with four Supports and one Ranged Carry. Fnatic answered in response with some role swaps, sOAZ playing Blitzcrank as Support for that game and YellOwStaR as the Top Laner on Shen. Fnatic won the game, but everyone was cheering for Team Mineski and smiles were had across both teams all throughout the game.

The fourth game put Gambit BenQ against Vulcun TechBargains. Vulcun TechBargains took the early lead again and amassed a 10,000 gold lead at one point in the game. It looked like Vulcun TechBargains was going to play spoiler for Gambit BenQ for the game, but with one team fight that played into Gambit BenQ’s favor, Vulcun TechBargains lost the grip of the game and lost.

Game five of Group B put Samsung Ozone and Team Mineski together for another entertaining game. Team Mineski pulled out a Jarvan IV and Leona combo lane for Exo and Tgee, Top Laner Snoy played Dr. Mundo, and even Jungler Kaigu played Karma. The smiles from Team Mineski never faded, and though they never took a game from the other teams in Group B, Team Mineski gained much of the crowd’s cheers for having a positive attitude all week.

Game six started the games for Group A, and first up was Lemondogs against TSM Snapdragon. Lemondogs came in swinging fast in the game, and did not let up on the pressure. Lemondogs got the best of TSM Snapdragon in the game, putting them 1-1 in the matchup and a victory for the Lemondogs.

A tie-breaker game needed to be played out between Samsung Ozone and Gambit BenQ to determine who would move out of Group B. The game started in Samsung Ozone’s favor, but the game kept swinging back and forth, with both teams gaining an edge at certain objectives. The deciding fight came when Gambit BenQ’s AD Player, Genja, got a delayed Pentakill to sweep Samsung Ozone and led that to their victory. With the game finished, Fnatic and Gambit BenQ moved out of Group B into the quarterfinals.

From left to right: Gambit BenQ's Alex Ich, Riot's KatanaMordecai, and Fnatic's xPeke chat after the Fnatic and Gambit game and talk about both groups.

From left to right: Gambit BenQ’s Alex Ich, Riot’s KatanaMordecai, and Fnatic’s xPeke chat after the Fnatic and Gambit game and talk about both groups.

Back to Group A, took on SK Telecom T1. showed that they had learned a bit in their games at Worlds. SK Telecom T1 won in the end, but a great showing from with a positive attitude like Team Mineski.

OMG was up against Lemondogs for the ninth game of the evening. The crowd and commentators were confused at first by OMG’s team composition, with Jungler Lovelin playing Yorick, AD Player San playing Nidalee, and SupportPlayer Bigpomelo playing Veigar. Mid Laner Cool was on Cassiopeia, and while the team looked scattered at first, OMG played it well. With Yorick’s ultimate skill and Aatrox’s passive being revives, OMG dived Lemondogs often and with success. Lemondogs fell to OMG’s unconventional team composition.

TSM Snapdragon and were the 10th game, and TSM Snapdragon decided to go out in style this game. TSM Snapdragon’s Mid Laner, Reginald, went to the bottom lane on Teemo with Dyrus playing Support as Thresh. Xpecial swapped roles with Dyrus and was the Top Laner this time as Vladimir, and Wildturtle played Mid on Orianna. TSM Snapdragon lost the game and got their first victory at Worlds. The crowd was cheering for both teams, and smiles and laughs were present from both teams.

The final game of the day came down to SK Telecom T1 against OMG. Both teams had the spots from Group A secured. SK Telecom T1 took a page from OMG and relentlessly dove and took towers from OMG, playing OMG at their own game of fast and aggressive plays. SK Telecom T1 won the game in a decisive manner.

Group stages finished up with SK Telecom T1, OMG, Fnatic, and Gambit BenQ moving on to the quarterfinals. Through blind envelope picks, the matchups of the quarterfinals were determined. South East Asia’s Gamania Bears would face Korea’s SK Telecom T1, fellow Korean team Najin Blacksword drew a match against Europe’s Gambit BenQ, North America’s Cloud 9 HyperX was put against Europe’s Fnatic, and both Chinese teams Royal Club and OMG were put against one another.

Quick Take:

There were some entertaining games all throughout the day and the coming quarterfinals matchups are looking to be interesting.


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