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Kingdom Hearts III Gets a New Trailer

/ Jun 11th, 2017 No Comments

Kingdom Hearts III Gets a New Trailer

Square Enix released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra – World Tour – concert in Los Angeles late last night. The new trailer showed off brand new footage, more story information, and the world and enemies based off “Hercules.”

Kingdom Hearts III Gets a New Trailer

Sora got them powerful fists!

In the trailer, we get to see Sora fight brand new enemies including The Mountain King Titan. In Kingdom Hearts tradition, Donald Duck and Goofy provide assistance in battle. Sora’s Keyblade is shown off featuring, more maneuverability, new team moves, and elaborate spell casting which make for an exciting trailer.

The best part of the trailer is the tidbits of story we get. Maleficent and Pete are scheming something up again and are visiting Olympus to talk to Hades, but not to recruit him. No, they are looking for something: a distinctive black box. Presumably their quest will take them to different worlds looking for more black boxes including the previously announced Big Hero 6 and Tangled worlds.

Kingdom Hearts III Gets a New Trailer

How can Sora pull this one off?

Sora, Donald, and Goofy are also shown confronting members of Organization XIII about bringing back Roxas. In order to do so, however, they tell Sora he’ll have to call upon the darkness. This cryptic information only tantalizes us to see what’s next.

Kingdom Hearts fans can expect more information on Kingdom Hearts III at the D23 Expo where a new world and new trailer will be revealed on July 15.

Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer

Quick Take

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kingdom Hearts III in action. It sat out E3 2016 but makes a triumphant return this year. The new trailer shows off more of Olympus with a promise of another new world and trailer in July at D23. At this rate we might get a release date by Tokyo Game Show, but don’t quote me on this.

The new trailer also means Kingdom Hearts III information will likely be pretty sparse at actual E3. Don’t hold your breath for more trailers to show up at any of the press conferences.

As far as the trailer goes, the combat looks cool but feels unfinished. Watching Sora pound Heartless didn’t have the pop and feedback that the series usually inspires. It still looks great, if unfinished, which spells some concerns on how far the team is into the game and when we’ll actually see it come out. Maybe a Tokyo Game Show release date is a pie in the sky dream after all.

Still, the new trailer gives us a little in way of story footage, but tells us a whole lot. If anything, we have a better idea of what Sora and team are seeking and what the bad guys are up to.

Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

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