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Kickstarter for The 13th Doll Begins

/ Jul 29th, 2015 2 Comments

Independent game developer Attic Door Productions began a Kickstarter campaign to fund The 13th Doll, a sequel to The 7th Guest and its 1995 followup The 11th Hour.

The target goal for the Kickstarter is set for $40,000. If funded, developers are aiming for a potential release in late 2015 or first quarter 2016. The game is expected to release for PC and Mac.

Currently, developers of the game do not have the official license for the franchise. If the Kickstarter campaign succeeds, Trilobyte Games, the owner and creator of The 7th Guest games, will sell the license to Attic Door Productions. This is being done as a way to ensure that there is enough financial and fan support for a third game.

“We really need to prove that there’s life in this franchise, that’s there’s life in this game and that we can market it well,” said project leader Ryan Holtkamp in the Kickstarter’s preview video. “We need everyone’s help and everyone’s support to make this game a reality.”

The developers note such a deal is unorthodox. There has been no fan-made sequel to their knowledge that has been given official sanction to be sold by its creators.

Set a decade after the events of The 7th Guest, gamers will play through the stories of two separate characters while battling against the still active machinations of the villainous toymaker Henry Stauf.

Features announced so far include three locations in addition to the iconic Stauf Mansion from the first games. There will also be five different endings based upon choices players make throughout the game.

The game also attempts to emulate the style and engine of the previous 7th Guest games, especially the use of live actors interposed into the game. Attic Door Productions hopes to recast Robert Hirschboeck, who played Stauf in the previous two 7th Guest games.

Contributions to the Kickstarter can be made here. The trailer for the Kickstarter can also be viewed below.

The 13th Doll Kickstarter Launch Trailer

Quick Take

Given the rough road it’s taken to make an intended third game in this series, it’s inspiring to see that it could finally be made. The mere fact Trilobyte Games will give its official approval to this once small, fan-driven project should the Kickstarter succeed is even more reassuring. With only $40,000 needed to fund development, it’s likely players will soon be once again outsmarting the sinister Henry Stauf.


Jonathan Anson

Jonathan Anson

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  1. CTLW83 says:

    Thanks for covering The 13th Doll’s Kickstarter!

  2. CTLW83 says:

    At 100% funded with 15 days left!

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