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Kameo: Elements of Power

/ Nov 7th, 2005 No Comments

You play as Kameo. You are the daughter of a long lost King of elves, Solon, and you are currently trying to recover all the elemental warriors so that you will be able to defeat Thorn the King of Trolls. Some of the back story is that you had showed up on the doorstep of Solon’s wife, bearing his heirloom. You grew up with your stepsister Kalus, who was originally in line to receive the Element of Power. However you ended up becoming the heir and Kalus became upset. She sides with Thorn to attempt to destroy all elves and magic in the world.

Feature List

The list of features as supplied by the manufacturer:

Next-generation lighting, mapping and filtering techniques provide for environments of unprecedented detail and visual quality.

Master morph-into-warrior action: This innovative combat system lets you harness and strategically employ the unique powers of 10 elemental warriors from the five Elements of Power (Plant, Water, Rock, Ice, and Fire), including Major Ruin the armadillo and Ash the fire dragon. Each warrior has up to eight powerful abilities, upgradeable through strategic augmentations, ultimately providing numerous game play possibilities.

Unleash an impressive arsenal of attacks and weaponry: With the game’s fast-paced action, loads of enemies, and massive boss encounters, success requires clever and strategic deployment of each warrior’s powers and the ability to master “quick-switch” combinations. Engage in up-close combat on the battlefield with Pummel Weed, a wicked, boxing plant-warrior, or finish off enemies as Chilla, an ice yeti, by throwing penetrating ice spears.

Experience next-generation gaming: Transcending the common gaming aesthetic with greater cinematic appeal, Kameo represents the cutting-edge graphics and game play expected of next-generation gaming on Xbox 360. The game boasts stunning battlefield experiences where you’ll experience thousands of simultaneous enemies with independent artificial intelligence, as well as exciting special effects, high-quality voice over, and high-definition visuals.

Explore a mystical, magical world: Lush environments, an engrossing story, marvelous creatures, and clever environmental puzzles abound in this fantastical, richly envisioned universe.

Go on an action-packed journey: Explore a vast and magical world filled with lush environments, wondrous fauna, clever puzzles, and big challenges. Gorgeous 3-D environments with sprawling hills, fertile valleys, and threatening lairs cover multiple fantasy-style locations and the dangerous Troll Castle. Battle relentless armies, go toe-to-toe with powerful elemental trolls, and confront daunting, yet outrageous, bosses.

Team up with friends: With immersive and intense cooperative game play, Kameo lets multiple players vanquish foes together in split-screen cooperative mode.


Simply put, amazing. It has all the beauty of Sudeki but with smoother animation, cut scenes, and more texture and depth. Cut scenes are created using the game engine instead of being pre-recorded. Animation is near flawless, collision is a non-issue. Depth is amazing, particularly in 1080i. Nothing looks chunky or grainy no matter how much you zoom into them. Textures are very well layered. The jungles are lush, the deserts make you thirsty, and the arctic regions make you want to turn your heater on. The people look cartoony of course, but they actually do look like they were based off real people and move as such.


Another awesome plus. The music is ingeniously picked for the settings, calm when traveling and vibrant when trouble is going down. 5.1 is really not much of an issue since you it does not help you in the location of enemies, but it is still a large contribution to the immersion factor of this game. The voice acting was a little overdone, but still by far better than 98% of the games made to date. The music was performed by a philharmonic in Prague, and they performed as masterfully as the designers.


Game play is where the games starts to slide. It is a third person game, and so whether you like the camera controls is a dice shoot. Personally I was not a fan of them. However the controller layout was very well done. They were easy to learn and very intuitive. There are 10 characters and you can only map 3 at once. The time it takes to change the mapping of characters constantly at times (particularly towards the end of the game), but at least you do not have to pause to remap them each time. Main problem is that they created 10 characters and did not actually put enough use to each of the characters. Without giving too much away, you learn how to break through a certain type of barrier using 2 characters and an object found nearby on the map. Later on in the game you find a third character whose main purpose is to fill said role as well as transport you around a type of terrain that you only see once. Most of the fighting abilities of the characters were specific to an enemy, or generally useless. The game has a very intriguing mix of being lead by the nose and being allowed to roam at will. You must progress through the main missions in order when you do not necessarily need to. It has a very…Windwaker feel to it — not that that’s a bad thing.


The games longevity depends on how competitive you are. The actual game itself ran me around 9 hours. There is a limited Co-op mode, but not really enough to actually invite a friend over for. But you should try it if they’re already there because there are achievement points based on it. However you can replay boss levels to get ranked on Xbox Live. I hadn’t noticed a difficulty setting, but the feats needing to be done are challenging enough that it’ll take more than a couple tries to get the hang of it.


The plot is another “it’s up to you to save the world” story wrapped up in a new package. It honestly seemed like Sudeki without the whole day world – night world thing. However to be fair it does have 10 characters you can morph into at almost any time in the game (water is a restriction) and I haven’t played a game that gave you that kind of scope yet.

Overall Impressions

An awesome game to rent, but I wouldn’t pick it up. The game was perfectly entertaining and frustrating the first time around. Wandering around and going to different climates and listening to the music around them is pretty cool on its own, and the pause music makes great study tunes. Watching the plot unfold was pretty good but also pretty expected, and a couple things seemed to remain unsolved which makes me want to go through it all again to see if I can find something out.


Will Fairway

Will Fairway

Will Fairway is literally the most exciting and electric person to have ever lived, period.


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