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Have you ever dreamed about getting your foot in the door in the Video Game industry? Do you want thousands to hear your opinions of your favorite video games and gaming peripherals? Maybe you are interested in the perks of being in the industry, like free copies of games and attending events like E3 and CES? If so – then look no further!

Gaming Illustrated is looking for individuals looking to get their break in the industry. We’d love to give eager and talented individuals their shot and join our staff. At this time, we are only filling entry-level unpaid writing positions with the opportunity to receive free games and attend events.

If you’re interested in getting your big break, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. We’ll respond with a request for a sample piece on a topic of our choice. We will not publish your sample piece, it’s just for determining that you actually know the English language and can put thoughts to words when it comes to this industry. Our requirements are that you are fluent in English and be 18 or over in age. Good luck!

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GI Staff

GI Staff

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