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iTunes 11 Preview

/ Sep 21st, 2012 No Comments

iTunes 11
iTunes 11

iTunes 11

iTunes joins the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 with another update, and I have bad news if you enjoyed the music-focused social network Ping. It’s taking the boot in iTunes 11. No need to fret though, with the loss of Ping come better things that people will probably actually use…maybe.

First thing to notice when you boot up the new iTunes is the lack of side bars and the fact that it generally looks a bit prettier and less cluttered. That being said, the sidebars will pop up at some stage when you are not looking at your music in the grid view. To make the grid view even more appealing, Apple has made it so when you click on the album art it pulls up a new Expanded View.

The Expanded View will show you the song list with ratings and all that jazz right there without changing screens, allowing you to pick a song, start playing it and go back to browsing through your grid without any troubles.[adsense250itp]

To give you some help in finishing all the albums that you bought separate songs for off the iTunes store, the expanded view will also have a “complete my album” button as well as individual “buy” buttons for each song you don’t already own. You will be given an option to hide all the iTunes Store buttons though, just in case they get annoying.

The iTunes UI isn’t the only thing getting a new face though. The iTunes store will be boasting its own all-new design. Pushing to have the same visual aspects on every device and making everything that you were able to do before more simple. Just in case you don’t buy that song you previewed a few days ago, you can also utilize the “preview history” function which will show you all the music, movies and TV shows that you have caught a glimpse of.

iCloud is becoming more and more useful and iTunes 11 has integrated so many more features it will basically become an iCloud interface. iTunes gives you a link to download any media you already own but have yet to download onto your Mac or PC through iTunes. Whenever you purchase something new on the iTunes store, it will become available on every single iCloud enabled device that you have set up. You will also have the ability to move as seamlessly as you can between these devices, you could start watching a movie on your Macbook and then when you realize the battery life is low pause it and jump over to your iPhone to finish it off. This will also work with TV shows, podcasts, audio books and iTunes U lessons.

Though I did mention that Ping was taking a step down in iTunes 11, Facebook will be taking its place. Your friends will be able to see if you have hit the “like button” on any item in the iTunes store while they’re browsing their next purchases which then after their purchase, they can share with all their friends on Facebook. Of course you will get the ability to throw a Tweet out about these exciting purchases as well.

iTunes 11 is set for a release in October and as usual. It will be free on both Mac and Windows.

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Sam Reimer

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