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Is GTA 5 on PC?

/ Mar 13th, 2013 33 Comments

Is GTA 5 on PC?

Is GTA 5 on PC?

What’s one question gamers keep asking over and over? Simple – Is GTA 5 on PC going to happen? Grand Theft Auto 5 from Rockstar Games is easily the most anticipated game of 2013 and perhaps of the last five years. The entire GTA series is ridiculously popular with multiple games in the series winning “Game of the Year” honors from multiple outlets. Many PC gamers are dying to play the next incarnation of the GTA series on their beefed up rigs and have the digital means to do it thanks to Steam. However, the question remains: Is GTA 5 on PC? For now, the official answer is unknown, so let’s dig a little deeper to find out more.

[adsense336itp]If you are a big GTA 5 fan and haven’t read them already, be sure to read Ryan Bloom’s article about the GTA 5 Petition Urges Rockstar to Bring Game to PC. In the article, it details that Rockstar Games has yet to announce a PC version of action open-world game, but that hasn’t stopped an online petition from receiving hundreds of thousands of signatures. As of March 10, 2013 the petition has over 160,000 signatures with the aim of getting 200,000 at the popular website.

We know that Rockstar originally set a Spring 2013 release date for the game that has come back to blow up in their faces from a PR perspective. GTA 5 will not appear on store shelves as it turns out until September 17, 2013 assuming another delay doesn’t occur. Rockstar Games announced that GTA 5 will appear on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but did not announce any other platforms. To follow the delay more closely, we highly recommend reading Ben Sheene’s popular article, What Does the GTA 5 Delay Signify? and leaving your own comments theorizing what it means to the franchise.

Come September, will we still ask the question, is GTA 5 on PC? Or will we already assume that no news is actually bad news because if no PC platform is announced we can all assume it won’t happen? Time will certainly tell, but the silver lining might be looking to what happened with Grand Theft Auto 4. The game was released on consoles first and six months later, appeared on the PC. That might sting for PC gamers, who would have to wait an entire half-year to play GTA 5, but the fact that it did happen and is (still) available on Steam should be encouraging.

Is GTA 5 on PC? Not yet. Will GTA 5 be on PC? Most likely – it’s just a matter of when.

Sean Gibson

Sean Gibson

Founder, Featured Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sean Gibson was the founder of Gaming Illustrated and served as Executive Editor and lead reviewer from 2002 to 2014. He no longer is affiliated with Gaming Illustrated, but remembers his time with the site fondly.
Sean Gibson
Sean Gibson
Sean Gibson

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  • If they don’t want to wait buy one of the consoles it’s coming out on and buy it. I don’t know why it’s so hard for ppl to figure out solutions like that. In this modern age it seems like ppl don’t want to think for themselves.

    • Rok Vrtačnik

      Maybe i dont want to play it on the console, maybe i dont have a clue how to operate a controller, maybe i dont have 600€ to throw up in the air, maybe i dont feel like getting used to a crappy useless way to play a video game (again with the controller)

      • That hurts.. I like using a controller on my PC. (Driving with a keyboard just sucks)

  • Bumbles

    I am going to blow everyone’s mind here: PC PLAYERS NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    I myself play on both Xbox 360 and PC and this is the PC elitist attitude in full effect. PC players will ridicule console gamers and the games for not being as superior as they are on PC. They brag about their exclusives (the rather overrated ARMA and PlanetSide). But the moment 1 game isn’t even mentioned (mentioned, not confirmed to not be on) for Xbox 360 and PS3, they become the biggest cry babies ever. Oh, how the tables have turned.

    Yeah, they can go on and say that with GTA IV the mods helped move the game forward (truthfully they didn’t, they only improved graphics and gave real cars… it’s debatable with physics and such) but Rockstar doesn’t care about mods. Have they ever caved to fan demands in anyway ever? To my knowledge no…

    This petition is the biggest joke ever. If these PC players were so smart they would realize one fact: Every GTA game since GTA III has always been marketed for consoles first. Then, six months (give or take) after the game releases on consoles it releases on PC. The PC marketing begins a few months after console release. Consoles still have the largest player count (combining both PS3 and Xbox numbers) and Rockstar knows that’s where the money is. So, chill out PC players who sign a petition that will effectively do nothing, yet once it is finally announced to be coming out on PC you will gloat and take credit…

    • sk83rjosh

      The problem is none of their more recent titles were shipped that way. They saw a release along side console. The fact they are pushing GTA back for PC is concerning since it’s an expansion of the engine they created for Max Payne and LA Noire. Which were amazing PC games, as well as console titles.

      Not to mention there were problems with the Rage Engine on PC, and still happen to be, and I for one find myself disappointed purely due to the fact this could be a repeat.

      Our concerns are founded in reality, and not purely due to an elitist stigma.

      Though I will say many feel entitled because they have a PC, and I feel this comes from the over saturation of younger kids on Consoles, purely because they’re the budget route for games now-a-days.

      • Tenzing RED

        If the PC architecture is whats holding them back, then they better work their butts off to make their engine more optimize for PC since the PS4 is going to use PC architecture.

    • BumblesIsDumb

      Playing GTA4 on consoles was a nightmare.
      The only reason people want GTA5 on PC, is so they can actually play it without raging at how shit it looks, and how nothing loads correctly.

    • Chris

      Bumbles, I can’t see what your issue is with PC gamers. I own both consoles, but the graphics are shit. The hardware is over 8 years old and these games are programmed, tested and debugged on a PC. So why are we out of line to expect it to be purchasable on PC? Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 pushed gaming PC’s to the limits with huge HD textures, anti-aliasing capabilities and 120hz refresh rates at much higher resolutions than consoles. Gaming enthusiasts game on PC’s if you can’t understand that, why are you reading and commenting on this article?. I honestly never see PC gamers ridiculing console gamers, but I see tons of console gamers calling PC gamers elitists because they took the time to build their own gaming rig and expect developers to actually take advantage of the technologies available today. So calm your tits, you didn’t blow anybodies mind, and you need to STFU.

      • good

        well said bro.

      • Well said man, I’m a PC gamer and I dont hate consoles. We know our PC rigs and such are better then consoles so we dont tend to brag about it (Im sure some people do/can though). The only time I make it clear that PC graphics are always going to be better (or PC themselfs) is when they say oh this game looks better then some games ive seen on the PC. Then they get all angry and claim you have to pay $1000s of dollars to have just a good PC, when thats not the case at all. Im happy to wait for GTA V for PC if it is coming.

    • LS1_FD3S

      Bumbles, stop being poor

  • Considering they’ve lost over 100 million In piracy, I think you mean NOT likely.RDR was just an experiment, and rather than losing ANY money, they only gained.The logic of my theory Is pretty good, you see i did this too a few games, so I’m gonna use “GTA IV as an example.I checked KAT, and pirate bay(and keep in mind that there are dozens more major pirating websites) and GTA IV on the most downloaded on Pirate bay had about 100 downloads, and think this was uploaded a MONTH ago, these are uploaded and downloaded by the dozens, and If 100 people downloaded this alone and only ONE person ACTUALLY bought the game(If that)and so lets multiply $20 by 99…, so just by this ONE of HUNDREDS of downloaded torrents on ONE of DOZENS of websites with DOZENS of different Rockstar products, they lost almost 2000 fucking bucks,I think I’ve proved my point and quite frankly I don’t blame Rockstar at all.

    • Joom

      Why don’t you also check the torrents for the Xbox 360 version…

  • shut up bumbles 😛

    • Right?! You’re obviously a dumbass for having shit they can’t ever dream of affording. Fuck you for that, dude. Fuck you for not getting the cheapest setup possible so you can play games cut in half and still stutter.

  • we deserve to be babies about it. my pc cost over 3 thousand pounds. it takes alot of effort to make your own machine.. we deserve to get some decent games. It costs a small fortune keeping up with the gaming industry. whats the point if there going to hold back games on us. its out of order

    • well, 3000pnds is over doing it. Yay! if have 145 instead of 140 fps -.-

      • Jerry Chaney

        The difference isn’t just 5 fps on an extreme PC. The difference can often be as much as 100 fps

    • man you got stung unless its a server pc it shouldnt be no where near as high as that…. this probably also means you didnt build yourself… your just as big a tool as kids who but their pre made computers called consoles.

      • Hmmm, my rig. Asus Sabertooth Z77 – $250, Intel Ivy Bridge – $350, GTX 670 – $450, ThermalTake 1200W PS – $200, Corsair 8Gb RAM sticks x 2 – $150, Intel 520 Series 120Gb SSD – $150, WD 2Tb HDD – $100, Corsair Liquid cooler setup – $150, ThermalTake case – $100, LiteOn DVD drive – $40, Razor mouse – $100, Keyboard – $50, Linksys N600 adapter – $50, Acer H243H monitor – $200. Now add that up. That’s $2,300. Plus tax. Plus shipping. And I built it myself. But, fuck me for wanting good shit, right? Sure, you can build a rig that will WORK for $600, but I like max settings. Call it getting fucked, but I call it having one of the nastiest rigs on the block. And that costs money, period. And lots of it. Paul is right.

        GTA will be on PC. It might not be on PC the day of console launch, but RS likes money. They’re not dumb. They’re just focusing on their cash cow first. Which sucks, but I’ll just pick it up on XBOX on release day, so it isn’t too bad.

    • LS1_FD3S

      Good job all your friends are impressed

    • He meant 3 hundred* guys. 3 thousand my ass, someone obviously robbed your life.

  • Jawee52

    Well no matter what i’ll be getting it. I’m definitely a PC gamer (now) but I have a ps3 and an Xbox 360 from when i was a console gamer not long ago. I will get it on a console and when it releases on Steam and goes on sale (Just got GTA 4 complete for $7.49) I will get it on PC. Problem solved 😛

  • Gino

    Bumbles, you clearly know nothing. Rockstar do care about mods, GTA games started out on PC only you fool. Consoles are for kids, they have terrible graphics, slow loading times, no mods, no tweaks, limited control options, expensive games, paying for patches, low multiplayer teams, no steam, no new ideas, poor you for defending them. Wake up.

    • Siglind

      I’m a pc gamer, yet i find myself in the need to correct you: ps3 doesn’t make you pay for patches (free network, no subscriptions) and ps3 is on steam. also, when you say no new ideas, did you remember metal gear solid series? or god of war? heavy rain?

      I’m not saying i even like any of these games, but you are clearly an uninformed fanboy, and you make pc users look bad. enough said.

  • yes of course, maybe rockstar is working on it. some people said singleplayer for pc is ready but the multiplayer is not, and some crew make some mistakes so they need to working on it again. i hope that true.

  • sk83rjosh

    I believe Max Payne, and LA Noire were featured in Rage. So I can’t imagine it’s not using it haha. But that’s a good sign if they do take it to PC, those games ran really well.

    • Markus

      La Noire was a crap port that didnt run well at all Max Payne 3 is what EVERY port should be,each platform should get the attention it needs and thankfully lately pc ports have been fantastic (far cry 3 for example)

      • sk83rjosh

        I didn’t have any problems with LA Noire myself, probably depends on your hardware. (Which if it didn’t run on a broad amount then it was probably a terrible port haha) But I agree, Max Payne 3, and Far Cry 3 were great ports. Definitely what I hope will come of GTA V if it hits our end of things!

  • Poop

    Funny, back in the Nintendo 64 days they said that consoles weren’t going to have a strong market anymore. Now look how much the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 have sold.

  • Mário

    I have a advice to PC gamers.
    Buy a console, so you can play RDR while wait to play GTA V sooner.

  • Brad Torville

    But how sure are we really that it will be released on PC. Red Dead Redemption wasn’t.

  • Guest

    Don’t really see the point of a debate about it. It’s mainly about preference. If a person has a car and they’re just casual drivers then the whole point of them adding mods like engine upgrades, nitrous etc. is irrelevant to them because it’s just not that serious. However a person whom loves to race will do this but they won’t ridicule the other on how “stock” their car is. Casual gamers like consoles and don’t see it that serious to build a gaming PC from the ground up. it’s just not that serious to them, however that’s no reason to criticize a gamer who does take it that serious. Why Rockstar is releasing it on PC later, well the only way one could truly know that reason is if you worked for them, but your preference is just that,. YOUR PREFERENCE.

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