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iPhone 5 and the Purported New Dock Connector – Why?

/ Aug 23rd, 2012 1 Comment

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 from Apple is pure speculation at this point but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill churning out details about the next iteration of Apple’s techie toy. While much of this opinion is based on purported facts, in the past many of these rumors have turned out to be true. That said, there is an old expression: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” In this series of articles, we will be discussing the “non-smart” (i.e., “dumb” – conspicuously unintelligent) decisions that wreak havoc with a Company’s product line.

In our technological society, the way many Tech companies continue to make money is to provide “updated” products. Truly revolutionary products are few and far between. Hence, companies are continually faced with a challenge – Can we make the product different enough to motivate the consumer to buy the “latest and greatest” and thereby continue our income stream and keep our stock price up?

Therefore I was horrified to see the new leaks about the iPhone 5. A great website about upcoming Apple products, with no affiliation to ours, is MacRumors – which many of you probably visit regularly. A recent post on August 8 can be read that allegedly reveal a dock connector that’s even smaller than originally thought.

Of importance is the picture of the new iPhone “mini” docking connector, shown as being about one-half the size as the current connector dock and a different shape altogether. As can be seen, the bottom iPhone 5 “new” connector is apparently significantly smaller than the older iPhone 4S connector (used on all iPhone since the product rolled out many years ago).

Now, as a consumer, who has been waiting for the iPhone 5 to use my AT&T 2-year iPhone 3G anniversary to get my new iPhone 5, why in the world would I want an iPhone 5 when I will have to then figure out how to “convert” (assuming I can) my $1,200 in supporting electronics?

iHome is a great manufacturer, having created wonderful docking devices for the iPhone such as the two bedside clock-radios ($250 each), and so is JBL which I have 2 high-end powered speaker docks ($300 each). My iPhone 3G currently sits comfortably in these devices, charging and providing access to my music.

I suppose I could pay the anticipated $200 for the new iPhone 5 and then go to the next generation of Bluetooth wireless connected speaker systems such as my new Jambone ($299) which I use of outside music when I am grilling and entertaining outside. But that means instead of a $200 outlay, I am now looking at a “real cost” of $200 + $1100 to replace/upgrade the non-compatible older systems!

Suddenly, the current and soon to be “older” iPhone 4S is much more attractive. Don’t know about the rest of you – but I just went to the grocery store and I can tell you that the so called experts are incorrect when they say there is no inflation… I make a good living, but costs are going way, way up and making a decision to outlay $1,300 or so just to have “new technology” without a fantastic, over-whelming, amazing reason…

As a consumer in 2012, I have another choice – I can keep my perfectly good iPhone 3G and all my existing toys and have $1,300 in my pocket.

Memo to APPLE: What are you thinking with the iPhone 5 if all this is true?

Greg Gibson

Greg Gibson

Lead Reviewer / Editorial Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Greg Gibson’s resume spans over 40 years in the world of nuclear engineering and technology, having received a Masters Degree in e-commerce in 1998. Our resident MMORPG expert, Greg’s ability to understand the dynamics of MMOs is unparalleled.
Greg Gibson

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