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An Intro to Stronghold Kingdoms

/ Jul 20th, 2013 No Comments

Intro to Stronghold Kingdoms

Players looking to fill some time in-between chores and work or even other video games may find Stronghold Kingdoms to be the game for them. As a medieval real-time strategy (RTS) MMO game, this game allows players to fill little breaks throughout their day with managing their own city and castle. The game is Free to Play with micro transactions available for purchase to help speed up resource gathering and to fortify the player’s kingdom. Building structures, researching tactics, gathering an army… these are just a few of the things that will keep players coming back for more.


Players are given the option when they start to either let the game choose their starting location or to pick the starting location themselves. Once the location has been selected, the game jumps right into a 15-step tutorial to help with the basics of managing your town. The game does provide the players with a basic tutorial, however not a lot is covered so for additional information the game does boast a thorough wiki page and help section where players can find out more about how to manage their town and armies. As a bonus gift to help new players starting the game, players will receive a few Premium tokens and cards to help them with the collection of resources for a while. Once these run out, players can then purchase these items through the in-game store for real money.

The game can be periodically played throughout the day in order to set up building and research queues, and then players can exit the game and go about their daily business. Since every action in the game takes real time to complete it is a great game to have running in the background while waiting for the assigned tasks to finish; players who are looking for a fast paced RTS might not find this type of time management their cup of tea. Building the right amount of structures in your town can be vital to the growth of the city, so it is important to keep track of the resources being collected. As the town grows, the players can then also start focusing on their castle which needs to be fortified in order to keep attackers out. Both other players and NPCs can attack the castle at any time; however the game is kind enough to send the player a warning message in order to allow the player to prepare themselves for battle.

In order to promote city growth players must also keep an eye on their economy to make sure they are making gold, maintain a positive happiness score from their citizens in order to attract more citizens, and continue to research new tactics. The research tactics are broken down into four categories: industry, military, farming, and education. These research areas will help players increase their resource collection, allow them to build new structures, look into forming and improving their army, and so much more. Researching these tactics will cost the player a Research Point which the player will receive a few for free when first starting out, however after that they will either need to purchase more with the in-game gold (the cost of these points will increase after each purchase) or with each new level the player reaches (they will receive 3 points for each level).

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

Video and Audio

The graphics in Stronghold Kingdom aren’t anything too fancy, but they really don’t need to be fancy to make the game work. However the game does look really nice and the animations found help bring the player into the game. Once you start building structures players can sit back and watch their pick apples, gather wood and stone, or even brew ale in the brewery. When players are being attacked, they have the option to watch the battle which shows the attackers approaching the castle in order to damage it.

The audio for this game immerses the player right into the Medieval Times with its classical style songs and church-like hymns. When watching the battles play out, the music changes to a more energetic and engaging type of song pulling the player right into the middle of the action. Sound effects are on par with the animations and add to the overall feel of the game.


This isn’t a game that will hold the player’s hand every step of the way and guide them through the end, but rather this is a game that will arm the player with basic knowledge and then let them go and see what they can do. Players who are looking for a game to sit down and play for hours at a time might not want to start this; however the players who are looking for a game to play here and there throughout the day may enjoy the quirks of Stronghold Kingdoms. This game takes a lot of strategy and research to master, and looks like it could provide some good entertainment and a way to give players a break in-between other games. There is so much more to Stronghold Kingdoms that can’t be discovered within the first few days of playing that it is sure to keep players coming back.

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