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Infamous: Second Son’s Upcoming Update Adds New Features | Gaming Illustrated

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Infamous: Second Son’s Upcoming Update Adds New Features

/ Apr 2nd, 2014 No Comments

Infamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch announced their recent release, Infamous: Second Son for the PlayStation 4, will receive new features in a future update. These new features include a frame-rate lock, turning the HUD on or off and time-of-day options.

The news comes as a result of the developer taking suggestions and complaints about Second Son seriously. By implementing these additions into Second Son, Sucker Punch wishes to make their game even better.

[adsense250itp]Second Son players will be given the option to lock the frame-rate at a steady 30 FPS to solve issues some have with a variable frame-rate. Players also have the choice of turning the HUD on or off at will. Finally, players will be able to select the time-of-day in the game. The only caveat to this option is that it’s locked until after completing the game.

In addition to these new features, upcoming patches will fix bugs and general performance issues found in the game. Sucker Punch also teased that additional features could potentially be added in future patches.

Infamous: Second Son‘s update currently has no firm release date. Sucker Punch stated the earliest these features will make it to the game is in two weeks. However, the patch will likely go live sometime before the end of April.

Quick Take

It is exciting to see developers actively listening to fan feedback and incorporating new features into a game to help enhance the experience. While none of these features are vital to making Infamous: Second Son a better game, they do give power to gamers who are looking to capture gameplay or screenshots. These new additions give players robust options to share Second Son’s gorgeous interpretation of a dystopian Seattle.

Exploring Seattle at night, especially in the Lantern District with neon powers is striking. Being given the option to experience that at will is exciting. The frame-rate lock might help fix minor issues of the frame-rate getting a bit choppy. It seems like Sony and its first-party studios are committed to the sharing and social functions of the PS4 as evidenced by these updates from Sucker Punch and the upcoming PS4 firmware updates.


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Kalvin Martinez

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