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How to Get the Magnopulser in Far Cry 5

/ Apr 17th, 2018 No Comments

How to get the magnopulser in Far Cry 5

The Magnopulser is a special alien weapon available in Far Cry 5. This free item is like a highly advanced version of the Airzooka air canon toy you may have played with as a child. Using it from a distance will send anything in the area flying several feet, while using it up close will disintegrate enemies.

In order to get access to the Magnopulser, you’ll have to complete a side mission story arc revolving around the character Larry Parker. He can be found in Jacob Seed’s region just west of Fall’s End. This destination can easily be spotted on the map because of the nearby crop circle, which is a sign of what you’ll see by helping Larry.

Free Larry

Once you arrive at Parker Laboratories, it won’t be hard to spot Larry. You’ll see flashes of electricity forming a cage near his compound. Larry is trapped in this electrified cage, and he needs you to turn off the generators on his facility in order to set him free.


The Magnopulser will change your life.

This is a rather simple task. Follow the markers that pop up. One leads you to the porch of Larry’s trailer, one is located behind the trailer, and one is at a smaller building on the compound. All you have to do is go up to these generators and interact with them.

Once you have turned off each generator, you can speak to Larry to trigger the next mission. Before you do so, don’t forget to check his residence for some loot.

The Hero’s Journey

Larry is quite a colorful character, and that’s part of what makes finding the Magnopulser so much fun. When you talk to him, he will ask you destroy some “listening devices,” which you may think are used by the cult to listen to the resistance, but Larry implies might be used by other not-so-familiar sources.

Before you start, note that you must have the grapple perk unlocked in order to take on The Hero’s Journey side mission. You can unlock it in the game’s menu screen where you can view the map and your roster.

Larry Parker

Larry Parker is quite the character.

The telecom tower is not too far from Parker Laboratories. When you arrive, there will be a few Peggies hanging around and a wolf locked up in a cage. You’ll want to take down the cultists quietly to avoid alerting other nearby enemies.

Markers along the path will indicate where the satellite dishes are located. You will have to break a lock and climb up some ladders to access the first one. You can interact with these objects using a baseball bat or other melee weapon in order to keep noise levels down, but you can also use guns to shoot them.

The second dish is easy to find, but the third one is located at the top of the tower. Luckily, Larry will arrive in his helicopter just in time to help you out. Grapple onto the helicopter and swing onto the top of the tower to destroy the “listening device.” Once that’s done, climb your grabbling hook into the helicopter and return to Larry’s facility with him. There will be a few cultists waiting at his place, so jump out of the chopper and take them out to complete the mission.

Close Encounter

This next mission in Larry Parker’s journey is where things get weird. Speak to Larry again and it will trigger the Close Encounters mission. For this one, you will have to investigate the crop circle slightly to the west of Larry’s compound. It’s not too far away, but you can make it a quick trip by taking Larry’s helicopter.

Your task is to locate four alien objects scattered around the field. There are some enemies around the crop circle, so be careful when you approach. You might want to start there since one of the objects is laying by a dead cow’s rear end where the Peggies are congregating. Another is located in the center of the crop circle protected by three aggressive turkeys.

Walk to the north and you will encounter a dog who has one of the alien objects in his mouth. He wants you to chase him and pet him before he drops the object, or you can shoot at him to get him to let go. After that, head toward the nearby silo, where the final object is sitting in a bird’s nest at the top. There’s a shorter building right next to the silo that you can climb on top of and then jump into the tall silo. A ladder inside leads to the top.

Once you have collected all of the objects, take them back to Parker Laboratories.

Out of This World

Chat with Larry again and he will tell you that he needs some power. You’ll have to head to a transformer station in the north to reroute the power to Larry’s facility.

When you arrive at the station, you will have to flip five switches. The first one is located at a shed in the northwest corner of the station. Once you have flipped the switch, an alarm will sound and you will soon have some company. Follow the markers to the five switches and take out cultists along the way. One is located at a tower so you can gain a height advantage on enemies, then zipline across to another switch.

After you have flipped all the switches, head back to Larry’s place. He now has everything he needs, but he asks you to activate his teleporter by turning on the generator on his porch. Watch as Larry is either teleported to another realm or is blown into dust. Where he was once standing will be the Magnopulser.

Pick up the weapon and it will be available to you at no charge at any store. Just remember, you won’t be able to loot enemies who are splattered across the ground.


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