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How to Activate the Destiny 2 Spider Tank Heroic Public Event

/ Aug 24th, 2017 No Comments

Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2 is bringing back Public Events in a big way, allowing players to activate Heroic Public Events by fulfilling special requirements to earn even better rewards.

While exploring Destiny 2’s four playable areas, players will encounter other Guardians completing missions, seeking treasure, and fighting against alien threats. In the midst of all these activities, Public Events sprout up in specific sections of the map calling all players to arms with the screech of a horn and the darkening of the sky. Player cooperation has always been a primary focus of the Destiny experience and Public Events give fellow Guardians a way to work with each other to complete a task that gets easier as more people join in. Plus, there’s loot to be had.

Bungie is expanding the scope of Public Events by introducing a Heroic tier. Destiny veterans will remember Heroic variations of story missions and strikes which introduce harder enemies in larger numbers to give players an extra challenge. Heroics reward important materials for improving equipment and a chance at better loot. Before hitting level 20, Heroic Public Events are also a great way to level up because they can reward anywhere from 2500 to 7500 XP.

Heroic Public Events offer a similar difficulty spike but need players to fulfill certain requirements before they are activated. This is a guide on how to trigger the Spider Tank Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2.

Spider Tank Public Heroic Event

When exploring locations such as the European Dead Zone in Destiny 2, players will come across a Public Event indicating they need to disrupt a weapons exchange by destroying a Fallen Arsenal Walker. Often called “spider tanks” because of their arachnid appearance, Fallen Walkers pose a threat to any seasoned Guardian by attacking with multiple weapons, including its main cannon which often is a one-hit kill. This Public Event is different from the ones players may remember because of the addition of three blue shields protecting highly powerful scorch cannons. Be sure to keep those in mind as bullets start to fly.

During this Public Event, various types of Fallen will surround players to prevent them from focusing on the Walker. Just like in Destiny 1, the Walkers need to be shot in one of their six legs to weaken it. After taking enough hits, one of the legs will blow off and the Walker collapses, exposing a glowing red weak point by the head that can be hit for massive damage. Once the weak point is exposed, a number of arc charges spill out of the Walker as it is stunned.

Destiny 2 Spider Tank Heroic Public Event

Destiny 2 Spider Tank Heroic Public Event

Any unoccupied Guardian needs to rush to these arc charges to pick them up while the Walker is stunned. Next, deposit the arc charges in either device on the side of the blue shields. Coordinating with another player to take out one shield at a time ensures quicker access to a scorch cannon. It’s important to watch out for the Walker to recover because as soon as it does it can activate a powerful EMP blast that can damage players and send them flying. And keep in mind, this Public Event is timed so try to make quick work of those shields.

Once all three shields have been taken down, brace yourself because a notification pops up that a Heroic Event is being joined. For this Public Event, a second Fallen Walker will drop from the sky and join the assault. Don’t worry about the odds as all players now have access to any scorch cannons that were protected by the shield. More Fallen join the fray but scorch cannons do large amounts of splash damage to anything in their path. The first Walker may be low on health but that doesn’t make it any less deadly when a second one has joined. It’s also possible that a nearby Cabal war party will join in to make things even more exciting.

With both Fallen Walkers destroyed, any remaining enemies will run off or disappear. All that’s left is to collect the any loot from the chest that spawns. Remember, Heroic Public Events have better rewards and you should always attempt them if you’re strong enough or there are enough fellow Guardians around to help.

Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

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Ben Sheene

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