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How to 100% Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Story Mode

/ Oct 1st, 2014 No Comments

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (P4AU) finally hit store shelves this week, giving U.S. Persona fans an opportunity to dig into the highly anticipated sequel. While many will go straight into versus mode to play against friends, a majority will begin digging into the game’s lengthy story.

One thing P4AU owners will notice right away in each episode is the story completion percentage. Everyone wants to complete the story mode 100 percent, not only for the personal satisfaction, but getting that sweet gold trophy. Here is an easy way to 100 percent both episodes and unlock the true ending.

Keep it 100

Only the P4 episode is available upon first popping in the disc. You must complete every chapter in the P4 episode in order to unlock the P3 episode. While you need to go through each chapter to complete the episode and unlock the next, doing so will not automatically net a 100 percent completion score.

Go through the P4 episode and enjoy the story, but to maximize your time and prevent re-treads, here is a tip: you will hit a dialogue choice near the end of the P4 episode, choose whichever one you feel like, then go through the following dialogue.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Gotta fight those shadows to get 100%.

It will hit a natural pause before proceeding to the final climax of the story. Instead of soldiering forward, just head back to the dialogue choice chapter. Since you’ve seen everything already, you can skip the dialogue and get right to the choice again. Select the opposite of your initial choice.

You will hit some dialogue you haven’t seen before. Eventually, you’ll be able to skip again. Outside of the small pieces of different dialogue, everything following is the same. Don’t worry about having to do the other chapters over again to see new dialogue. Enjoy the P4 episode ending.

The True Ending

Even though you’ve done both dialogue choices and seen the ending, you’ll notice you haven’t hit 100 percent for the P4 episode. However, you have unlocked the P3 episode. Go through and complete the story for the P3 episode. Once again, you’ll run into the same dialogue choice in the same spot as the P4 episode (the episodes run parallel in some respects). Repeat the task of deciding whichever choice you prefer, complete the chapter, then re-do it during the story break. Skip ahead and keep going.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

A dog can summon a Persona?

Again, the dialogue is only different in a small chunk, where the rest of the events are the same for either choice. Enjoy the P3 episode ending. Both initial endings give you fun snapshots of the Persona 3 and Persona 4 characters following the events of Ultimax and their futures. However, each ending is lacking.

There is a reason for this. Once you’ve completed and received 100 percent for the P3 episode, an extra event unlocks in the P4 episode. This is where the “True Ending” resides. Completing it not only gives you a third and true ending, but also nets you 100 percent for story mode and a sweet achievement. By completing both episodes and experiencing the three endings, you get the full Ultimax experience.

100% is the Highest There is

And there it is, an easy way to 100 percent Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s story mode and get the true ending. The story mode is a cake walk as far as battles go, but if you ever get stuck, throw on auto battle and sit back and enjoy the story.

Also, don’t forget to download Adachi and Marie for free until Oct. 7 on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.


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