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How the PlayStation 3 Won the Current-Gen Console War

/ Apr 15th, 2013 83 Comments



There’s no denying it was a slow start for Sony‘s PlayStation 3 console. The console launched over a year after Microsoft‘s Xbox 360, it was way more expensive than its competition and it was in short supply at launch. However, those early adopters knew they were onto something very good, and for many it was the home console of choice.

Forward to over six years since the release and the PS3 is now not only the biggest selling of the two main consoles, but arguably has the best selection of games from both first, third and independent developers. Some see this as a minor miracle. At the beginning, there seemed to be no chance of Sony winning this generation’s console war. However, in true Sony spirit they came, they saw the competition and they conquered. It was a long struggle, but worth it in the end. How did Sony achieve this feat?

The Games

[adsense250itp]There’s no denying that Sony showed a lot of promise with the early releases on the PlayStation 3. The very first Resistance game was an example of the potential power of the console. Yet early cross-platform titles suffered horrendously from badly programmed ported games, which affected people’s vision of how great the console was going to become in later years.

For those who stayed through the tumultuous early years, they were greeted with better and better games. When it came to Sony Exclusive titles, the full power of the PlayStation 3 was released. Over the years Sony produced the best looking games on any of the console platforms, with titles such as Killzone 2 & 3, the Uncharted Series (all three pushed graphical boundaries unseen on a console before), the Resistance series (number three being technically uber-impressive), the sensational God Of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Wipeout HD, Heavy Rain and the stunning MotorStorm series to name just a few. But there is, of course, more to games than graphics, and each of those titles mentioned pushed the relevant genres to further heights. This push allowed console gaming to grow to a level where we expect much more from games now than we ever did before.

It was not just the big titles that pushed limits though, as gamers flocked to obscure titles such as Little Big Planet and chose to download titles from Sony’s ever popular PlayStation Network service such as the PixelJunk releases, Flower, Echochrome 2, Dead Nation and the wonderful Super Stardust HD. For those people looking for a bit of retro-gaming, the PS3 can play PS1 games, and there are many to download on their download service, plus early PS3s played PlayStation 2 games, and now in 2013 there is a great selection of this software to download on PSN.

Quality is always far more important than quantity, and with Sony’s approach to quality software, it has left gamers with a mind-blowing choice of top-notch games that will suit everybody’s taste. Even as this generation comes to a close, Sony and developers writing for the machine are pushing out titles that are proving that there is still plenty of life left in the system.


One of the early criticisms of the PlayStation Network was that it paled in comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. What many people seemed to forget though was that Sony’s offering was totally free, with no subscription and available to everyone upon purchase of a new machine. Over the years though, Sony has been fine-tuning the PSN and their store. For those of us who have seen the PSN since day one, note that the difference now between PSN and Xbox Live is that there really is not any.

For those who play online, they will know that PSN has always been rather robust. Although it lacked some of the features of Xbox Live, it did a good job of allowing players to play online together at no cost. Today, there really is no difference between the two online services, except you have to pay for Xbox Live, and anyone who says otherwise is living in a fanboy-dreamland.

The same can be said for the PlayStation Store. It is now got a huge amount of content, and thankfully due to Sony’s ongoing quality system, the quality of the titles on PSN is unsurpassed. There are quality titles available for every genre, plus genres that we never knew could exist. Looking at the titles on offer on both PSN and Xbox Live, you would be hard pushed to realize which one was the pay service and which one was the free service.

Since its launch though, Sony has released PlayStation Plus which is a brilliant pay service. PS Plus offers an instant collection of various games upon subscription, with many titles discounted to Plus members, and a lot of titles given away free each month, plus free early access to demos and Betas. The positive of it is, that it is optional, you are not forced to pay Sony, and may do so only if you want to enjoy the benefits.

The Package

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has been re-designed on a number of occasions, and the latest models are half the size of the original PS3. Of course, just like all console designs, one’s opinion on its aesthetics are totally based on personal opinion. However, taking into account that around the World the PlayStation 3 is outselling other consoles, its newer designs are obviously doing their intended job.

Also on a cost versus cost basis of each console, many people see Sony’s machine as the perfect choice because of its huge hard-drive, great game library, free internet access and so much more. In some territories there are also various coloured consoles available, which of course attract more customers.

Thankfully, Sony did not mess too much with the controller either. The PS3 Dualshock controller still remains a favorite with gamers, with its perfectly formed shape to enable hours of endless gameplay.

Closing Statements

There are territories where the PlayStation 3 is not doing as well as the Xbox 360. However, even in these areas the PS3 is selling extremely well. Around the World, the PlayStation brand is as popular as it has ever been, and the success of the PlayStation 3 has shown that you just cannot keep a good console down if the games are there that players want to play.

The future for Sony is looking promising again. After the earlier failure of the PS3, Sony will no doubt ensure that the PlayStation 4 will be the gaming platform of choice for the next generation of gamers.

Mark Adams
Mark Adams been gaming since 1977 and owned almost every console since the original Pong machine. Gaming has always been part of his life and he enjoys a variety of games and his mind is always open to new experiences in the gaming world. Over the years he has written gaming articles for blogs and local newspapers, and he always tries and add something a little bit different from your usual review. He works in IT for a small local company in Wales, and when he's not working, he's gaming!
Mark Adams
Mark Adams
Mark Adams

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83 responses to “How the PlayStation 3 Won the Current-Gen Console War”

  1. jcnba28 says:

    Hahaha what a dumb article. The Wii won the console war LOL

    • RGDubz says:

      The Wii was competing with the PS2 & Xbox placing 2nd, the Wii-U is competing with the PS3 & 360.

      Different gen hardware, Different price point = Different competion.

      PS3 will win this gen as it’s currently in first place & the Wii-U has no chance of catching up with Next-gen consoles coming in October.

      • jcnba28 says:

        Wow lol. The Gamecube was a 6th gen console competing with the PS2 and Xbox. Wii won 7th gen, it sold 100 million consoles, 360 sold 75 million, ps3 sold 74 million. Therefore PS3 finished in last place.

        • Nicholas Gatewood says:

          Yeah, no. Not even remotely accurate.

          The Wii is literally just the Gamecube’s hardware, overclocked a tiny bit and with a little more RAM. It’s not a 7th gen console just as the Wii U isn’t an eighth gen console.

          Nintendo fanboys can be so dumb, it’s pretty sad.

          • jcnba28 says:

            Haha you don’t seem to understand what next gen means. Am I talking to a 5 year old?

          • The point is: The PS3 had way more 3rd party support than the other two, comparing the total number of games sold on the ps3 and the wii (taking away wii sports since it came with every console) the ps3 sold more games, therefore won this generation

          • jcnba28 says:

            So what you’re saying is the console that had the most third party support wins? LOL So the first party and second party games don’t matter? That makes no sense whatsoever. Nintendo’s first party games sales destroy PS3’s and 360’s first party sales. Mario Kart Wii ALONE sold over 33 million copies. The highest selling PS3 exclusive was GT5 at just under 9 million. Nintendo won last gen, stop being a butthurt fanboy and get over it.

          • Look it’s all about the games. I retired my Wii for years after SMG2 until something worthy came along. The last good thing for me was LoZ SS, and after I finished it, bam! another retirement. The PS3 is still alive and kicking, I have a pile of games I haven’t even started playing because of the many others that I still haven’t finished. The Wii died 2 years ago, now its just collecting dust. And yes 1st partys don’t matter because it comes from the own company’s pocket, so it gives less profit. Not that the games aren’t good, they are the best actually.

          • Leo Wright says:

            Go back and try Xenoblade incredible game!!!

          • hesoyamdonMonster says:

            Nintendo never won, they just made a lot of money and now they will loss all that money on Wiiu

          • jcnba28 says:

            Haha you wish.

          • Leo Wright says:

            So then what’s your definition of win if it’s not sales or money something must be used to determine it

          • Krepler says:

            LOL, second party support, you’re funny.

            In my opinion, Ninty’s 1st party games will always sell, whether they are amazing or completely awful. They have such a huge following, it’s ridiculous. Just look at the GameCube as proof of that. The only people that bought one were the usual diehards just to keep up on the latest games. It’s funny because everyone cries about wanting to see new IPs with new gameplay, but aside from the WiiMote’s use of gameplay, everything seems to remain the same over at the big N.

            Also, I think what your fellow commenters are trying to tell you is that just because a new console is released, it doesn’t necessarily qualify as a new generation of hardware. The peripherals(ie. WiiMote and Nunchuk) were the only advancements Ninty had going for it.

            Another way to look at it is, and this is how I see it, if the WiiMote were to be release for the GameCube, the experience would have been the same without the need for consumers to waist more money on a new console. Although, as that would have been better from a consumers perspective, it’s a gamble to rely on just a peripheral to bring sales to a platform, which is why they had to release it as a whole. It’s stupid but that’s how the system works.

            On the plus side, they did get a chance to give the GameCube an overhaul, even if it was minor. Thus, we have what is known as the Wii.

          • Actually the 360 destroyed the Wii and PS3 in 3rd party sales. The Wii was part of this gen and won regardless of how it has sold lately and anyone who thinks the Wii was not part of this gen is just dumb. The Wii U is the first console released in the next gen and will have a 1 year start on the PS4 and 720. However the article is only comparing the 360 and PS3 and it is still wrong as the 360 has outsold the PS3 75 million to 74 million and has destroyed the PS3 in software sales

          • Leo Wright says:

            How do you figure the PS3 sold more games? I went and looked up numbers. You don’t want to count Wii Sports so I won’t just to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
            5 Best Selling PS3 games accoring to Wikipedia
            1-Gran Turismo 5 (9.19 million)
            2-Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (5.35 million)
            3-God of War III (5.2 million)
            4-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (4.8 million)
            5-Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (3.8 million)

            And the 5 best selling Wii games (excluding Wii Sports)
            1-Wii Fit (including Wii Fit Plus 43.15 million)
            2-Mario Kart (34 million)
            3-Wii Sports Resort (31.54 million)
            4-Wii Play-(28 million)
            5-New Super Mario Wii (27.6 million)
            In order to get to where the best selling PS3 game is we have to drop below Smash Brothers and Mario Galaxy finally Gran Turismo beats Wii Party which only sold 7.94 million.

            If I misunderstood and you were talking TOTAL SOLD (again wikipedia)
            PS3-595 million
            Wii-863.5 million

            Sorry PS3 didn’t sell more games than Wii

          • Nicholas Gatewood says:

            You’re going off Wikipedia, which has hilariously incorrect statistics. Third-party game sales are great on PlayStation systems, horrifically bad on Nintendo systems.

            Wii games sold, total: 284,440,000
            PS3 games sold, total: 375,300,000

            From Statisticbrain, as of July 2012.

          • Leo Wright says:

            I don’t claim that I know which is more accurate. I’ve never heard of staticsticbrain, but if wikipeidia stats are so wrong why haven’t you fixed them?

          • hesoyamdonMonster says:

            wii is just a HD Gamecube with motion technology and only grandma bought Wii, gamers where sticking with ps3 and xbox, and yes great PC

          • Nicholas Gatewood says:

            The Wii isn’t HD, but it is just an overclocked Gamecube with a little bit more RAM and a little internal storage.

        • RGDubz says:

          Love the stupidy of over looking the year and a half / 4 million head start Microsoft had..

          • jcnba28 says:

            Another butthurt fanboy lol. Who cares about microsoft we were talking about Nintendo. PS3 needs to sell another 25 million to catch up to the Wii’s sales, that’s not going to happen.

      • benbenkr says:

        So the Gamecube never existed then?

        Not a Nintendo fan at all, never really liked most of their games but really… the Wii won the console war, period. In terms of dollars and cents, the Wii earned the most, that’s a fact.

    • Nicholas Gatewood says:

      Ha, no. Only with casuals and grandparents, and they lost their core audience because of the Wii. It was a huge mistake.

      • jcnba28 says:

        You seem butthurt that Nintendo won last gen and the DS sold more systems than the PS2. Truth hurts doesn’t it?

        • Nicholas Gatewood says:

          No, you seem butthurt Nintendo’s been getting their asses handed to them by the competition – especially as far as quality is concerned. The DS isn’t a console, it’s a handheld: they aren’t comparable. Also, the DS launched at a much lower price than the PS2 and software sales are MUCH better on PlayStation systems than Nintendo systems. It’s why third-party developers are always disappointed when they launch on a Nintendo platform, Nintendo fans just wanna play the same franchises over and over again until the end of time.

          • jcnba28 says:

            Excuses, excuses, excuses you’re clearly just a sony fanboy and won’t accept the facts. 3DS is the fastest selling handheld of all time. How is the Vita doing? Exactly. Nintendo innovate their franchises that’s why they always sell MILLIONS. Whereas sony keep on KILLING their franchises lol GOW dead, Killzone dead, Little Big Planet dead, and the list goes on.

          • Nicholas Gatewood says:

            Hahaha, you’re clearly the fanboy. Nintendo MILKS their franchises, hasn’t put out a good new IP since 2001 (Pikmin), and their franchises that they milk (Mario, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, Mario, etc) haven’t seen any real innovation in a long time.

            Sony has put out at least one new IP every single year since entering the hardware market. You think sales somehow equal quality, or even third-party sales? Idiot. The Vita is much, MUCH more powerful than the 3DS (we’re talking around 20x as powerful overall), its control inputs are better (two analog sticks and a capacitive touchscreen vs one circle pad and a lower resistive touchscreen), its screen is WAY better (960×544 resolution OLED vs 400×240 resolution LCD), and its library is already better. If you think sales somehow equate to quality, I guess you only play Call of Duty and Wii Sports and listen exclusively to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, huh?

            The 3DS is the worst handheld on the market by far, and its “success” is because Nintendo almost certainly paid off Capcom under the table for Monster Hunter exclusivity.

            Whatever, you’re a fanboy, you’re going to continue to be complacent and ignore the facts as long as the product has a Nintendo logo on it. Nintendo fans really are just like Apple fans, only with slightly worse taste.

          • Leo Wright says:

            No software doesn’t sell better on playstation than nintendo.
            PS3 total games sold-595 million
            Wii total games sold-863 million
            source wikipedia

          • Nicholas Gatewood says:

            Carnival games, Wii Sports, etc. Doesn’t change a damn thing.

          • Leo Wright says:

            No Statisticbrain disagrees with wikipedia I don’t claim to know the numbers that’s why I looked them up. So now my question is how do we know which numbers (if either) are right

  2. LEGIT _ELITE says:

    Thank you for making an article that dictates that a winner of a generation isn’t based on sales, but instead the experiences had and value.

    • jcnba28 says:

      I have a Wii and PS3. Wii sold more, had better games and I enjoyed it a lot more. I’m currently selling my PS3 on ebay.

      • Calum Sutherland says:

        Are you nuts!? Sorry, but c’mon man… The Wii was a novelty. Mines has been sitting in a bag for like 6 years now! The first Zelda game was the best I bought, and I was thinking about getting the Mario Galaxy games (and finally resurrecting my Wii) but I played it for a couple hours as my little sister got it for her b-day and I seriously could not understand why it was so highly rated. It was just a bit… Boring – there was nothing to it and it seemed like it was designed for eight year olds.

        It’s quite disappointing actually, I hand a calender counting down the days till the Wii’s release for months before it came out – but the novelty and gimmicky nature wore off rapidly and Wii sports became the silly party game that was played occasionally for a laugh, but even that wore off within 12 months 🙁

        • Nicholas Gatewood says:

          Nintendo games get higher ratings than they deserve because most game critics grew up with Nintendo and are easily swayed by Nintendo’s marketing that brainwashes gamers: they’re fanboys. I beat Super Mario Galaxy in a day or two, was disappointed, regretted having chosen the Wii as my console this past generation. So glad I got a PS3 recently, it’s a million times better than the Wii. Anyone who says otherwise is almost certainly a brain-dead Nintendo fanboy.

      • Leo Wright says:

        I also own both. I played Wii much more, but I’m not selling my PS3 (it makes a great 3D blu-ray player)

  3. MauricioNoh says:

    “biggest selling of the two main consoles” it took almost 7 years to reach that, its doesnt matter now and the Wii crush them both in sales plus Sony LOST half of the consumers that they had back on PS2 days (150m), its OBVIOUS that PS3 has not won this gen, the real winners are Nintendo and Microsoft.


    • matt666 says:

      I have both the ps3 and 360 and the ps3 was more expensive so how is it the poor mans console

      • Sean Shipley says:

        how much did u pay over the years in xbox supscriptions?

        • matt666 says:

          I pay 30 a year and 40 for ps plus, and to be honest that 30 is a waste to get adverts and you need to have gold to use things like love film, when its a different company,

        • matt666 says:

          30 a year ad 40 for ps plus, but I don’t see why I should have to have gold just to use things like love film etc when its a different company and is that the only reply I get from fanboys is how much do you pay for xbox live, if you just take the consoles itself then it more expensive

  5. matt666 says:

    I have both ps3 and 360 and I can say now both consoles have there advantages and disadvantages I couldn’t choose one over the other

  6. The point he’s made about the games is the only valid one, even then it’s really subjective.

  7. According to VG charts the 360 has sold 75 million to the PS3’s 74 million, so doesn’t that mean that the 360 is still ahead in sales? Plus the 360 destroys the PS3 in software sales

  8. Beavz0r says:

    At least with games on 360 I didn’t have to wait four years for a critical content update or patch because the console was such a pain in the ass to code software for.

  9. HanzoJinn says:

    Love it. All these little boys saying the Wii won. Have fun playing My Little Pony with your sisters!!!!

  10. Guest says:

    Beyond the neckbeards and the complete lack of hygiene, past the misogyny and autismal rants, and even above the cringe-inducing cosplay: the hordes of manchildren living vicariously through the sales figures of corporate conglomerates, that is – hands down – THE most pathetic aspect of gaming culture. I mean, how completely bereft of accomplishment and ambition is your life when your throwing stones at one giant corporation on behalf of another, as if the success or failure of either in any way had anything to do with you?

    Jesus Christ – we went to the fucking moon, people. Get it together!

    • Calum Sutherland says:

      Haha! this is the most intelligent, reasonable thing I have ever read in the midst of this childish, idiotic fanboy battlefield that has been the gaming community in the last 7 years.

      Have a cookie!

  11. Xino says:

    yes it won in those places.
    what about the sales? how’s the sale doing?

  12. matt666 says:

    How is it for low IQ people really what kind of comment is that, by the way I have both 360 and ps3 and there both good and bad in there own ways

    • a gay with a lamebox speaks

      • matt666 says:

        grow up I hate fanboys

        • hating yourself is not the way

          • matt666 says:

            Yea your comment doesn’t even make sense I said I hate fan boys (IE like YOU.) I not a fan boy since I have BOTH consoles, (note the word both) so why would I hate myself?

          • hating yourself is not the way, or hating others, btw I’m not a boy so no cookies for you

          • matt666 says:

            like I said were did I say I hate myself? Please tell me were? Oh wait I didn’t your clearly just being immature who is properly got a mind of a 5 year old, and clearly doesn’t understand that everything has a positive and negative side

          • Anger is not the way to deal with your problems even if you are a 5 year old, don’t hate yourself

          • matt666 says:

            I notice how you can’t answer my question? Oh that’s right because you can’t. I older then you both mentally and physically like I said before I own many different types of consoles and they all have there advantages and disadvantages

          • I notice how you can’t answer to your inner self, so you are an old 5 year old thats ok, PS3 won

          • matt666 says:

            I didn’t have to answer my inner self because I didn’t ask myself a question, I asked you a question but you too stupid to realize that and if you think the ps3 has won it shows how much of a narrow mind you have because you can’t even accept that it has it downsides like every other console has in addition I going to block you now because your boring and can’t even come up with a half-descent comeback

          • Yep call someone stupid because PS3 kicked lamebox’s ass, no brain, no gain, stupido

  13. Orionsaint says:

    First of all I own all three systems and I’m a PC gamer. So I have no stake in this and I like all the systems. I’m just gonna tell you what I observed over the last 6 years. In terms of relevance. The Xbox 360 won. Just follow hardcore and pro-gamers. They chose 360 as the cool system to own. It was the system to play Call of Duty on. It’s the console used at pro-gamer tournaments.

    Then there was getting Achievements. Which became a phenomenon. So much so that Sony and Steam had to copy it. When they compare most multi-platform console games. The game that usually looks better and wins is on the 360. These are just facts. You can just feel what the trending system is and it’s not PS3. The way PSN is set up. It has an outdated feel to it. It feels like a party is going on at XBL and PSN feels like like Library. Haven’t you ever noticed that people stream 360 games online more the PS3 games?

    • batsman says:

      the 360 beats ps3 in sales in the U.S. but worldwide, not so much, most countries in Asia prefer the ps3 over xbox 360, these are the facts and worldwide sales puts wii first place, ps3 second and xbox 360 last. I own both the ps3 and xbox 360 and I’ve noticed some of the games that come out on both systems, the 360 version is in 720p and the ps3 version is 1080p. also game developers that made games for both systems had to hold back on making games look too good, since the 360 doesn’t have a bluray drive it would cost them more to put out 2 discs on the 360 instead of 1 bluray for the ps3, like with final fantasy 13.

  14. You are a sour loser hahaa with your lamebox

  15. Master Race says:

    .Just come join the master race….PC. Cheaper games! As far as sales xbox had a year start on PS3 and there almost even. So that says that PS3 has been selling at a higher rate/ more than Xbox. Who actually plays a Wii? Lets see some hands?

    • Nicholas Gatewood says:

      DRM. You don’t own any of your Steam games, which is why I quit PC gaming a little over a year ago. The “master race” sure as hell isn’t PC gaming.

  16. Eric McGuirk says:

    Are you mad ? To suggest Sony network is anyway near as good as XBL is insane… And it clearly lost the console war, I will only say ‘party chat’ because the 360 has it and PlayStation doesn’t there is a big difference in the community.. Most PSN users dont use their headset, which makes online on XBL much better and enjoyable functional experience.

    • Siglind says:

      “Most PSN users dont use their headset”

      How has this anything to do with the gaming platform?

      If a person buys a toothbrush and inserts it in the nose, would you blame the toothbrush? 🙂

      On a side note, saying one console is better than another is always a matter of perspective Sales don’t point out which console is better, only which one was bought the most. And it’s ridiculous to see players arguing with each other about consoles; do you feel better about yourself?

      Just stop, please.

  17. Morilla says:

    My favorite part was how the controller is a favorite among gamers. I own all three consoles, i will not buy a game for ps3 if it also comes out for xbox simply because xbox controller is far superior!!!

  18. yep just like your mom, a sour loser

  19. jacob says:

    Wow, I use my 360 more than any of my other two, and I can tell you it was the wii that won… most units sold world wide. The 360 was next and the ps3 was last. Ps2 may have won the previous, but the 360 destroyed it in the 7th gen, and the Wii destroyed the two of them. And even in it’s 7th year, the Xbox is now the highest selling of the three again…

    Did you even read the data?

    This is a hugely biased article. Xbox Live has many strengths to the PSN network. As an adult with a job, 60 bucks a year is not a whole lot of money… You pay more for your netflix subscriptions…

    It’s UI is the cleanest of the three (and the fastest, you can dispute me all you want, but on a basic programming and instinctive level it’s the best).

    The Wii had the strongest proprietary library, and I would at best tie the 360’s and the PS3 console exclusives. (Let’s face it, Metal Gear Solid 4 – not the first three- was extremely mediocre given that we replay the Halo campaigns of this generation and not it’s)

    And even then, those are mostly opinions (except the UI and the networks they each respectively use, the PS3’s User experience debuted on the PSP 8 years ago, it’s seriously time to evolve).

    But other than the Uncharted series (which are great) I had little reason to pick one over the other.. The Hardware on the PS4 wasn’t spectacular and neither was the 360. At this point it was whichever came my way first. But I sought out my wii because of it’s exclusives. I play my 360 because it’s much better supported – and that’s a fact.

    • batsman says:

      From what I’ve read, the overall worldwide sales numbers puts wii first place, ps3 second place and the 360 last place

  20. Vera says:

    PS3 didn’t win sh*t. It’s LAST PLACE PauperStation!

  21. PhilS404 says:

    In my opinion the PS3 won. For me it has the better games on it. And being a games console that is the main thing. This year it has blown the 360 out the water. I also believe the PS4 will beat the Xbone, more sales, better games etc.

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