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Hotline Miami 2 Releasing 2013 | Gaming Illustrated

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Hotline Miami 2 Releasing 2013

/ Jun 20th, 2013 No Comments

Hotline Miami 2

[adsense250itp]Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is set to release in the fourth quarter of this year for the PC, Mac and Linux, developer Devolver Digital and publisher Dannaton Games announced.

The sequel to the gore splattered indie hit is currently being in development at Devolver Digital, the team responsible for the first entry in the series.

Jonatan Söderström, the lead designer of Hotline Miami, announced a sequel was being planned on his Twitter account back in November 2012. This is the first time more definitive details regarding the game and its release date have been revealed.

Hotline Miami 2 will utilize the same engine and formula of the original. Using 2D graphics and a top-down perspective, the game will require players to rely on stealth and quickness in order to execute enemies while completing objectives. The game will feature brand new weapons, graphics and environments not featured in Hotline Miami.

Of course, the game will feature the return of the iconic soundtrack that is promised to be more intense this time around.

Set in Miami, Florida during the 1990s, the game’s story will continue where the violent mind-bending events of the first game left off. Multiple gangs have sprung up vying for control of the city of Miami. Players will control seven different characters, all of whom will have their own style of play and separate storylines that will eventually intersect.

The events in Hotline Miami 2 will pick up where the finale of the Hotline Miami story left off. The saga began in 2012 and followed the surreal story of a nameless serial killer terrorizing Miami, whom players also controlled.

In addition to the official announcement of Hotline Miami 2, an official teaser trailer for the game was posted on the official YouTube page for Devolver Digital. The trailer can be viewed below.


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