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Holiday Gift Guide: The YouTube Star

/ Nov 24th, 2016 No Comments


YouTube has become one of the greatest places for players looking to find a home that will foster their gaming talent. A growing number of streamers, online personalities, and popular websites use the video site to post a wide range of video content to snag the attention of every type of gamer.

While the PS4 and Xbox One have made video capture, streaming, and editing a lot easier, nothing beats the efficiency and usefulness of a PC. For the budding YouTube Star in your life, here are a few essential pieces of tech to help up their video game.

Capture the Action

Elgato HD60 S $170 – You’re not going to make it very far on a gaming YouTube channel without any game footage. Elgato has been one of the most recognizable names in capture software and quality. The compact HD60 S is tiny enough to fit in your pocket and extremely easy to connect to any console or PC.

Elgato HD60 S

The tiny Elgato HD60 S is one of the best capture devices for gamers.

The HD60 S records footage in 1080p at 60 frames per second, some of the best quality you can find on YouTube. The device also includes a software suite enabling streaming, webcam footage, and live commentary. Once you learn its in and outs, this highly rated capture device will become an essential tool in filing a channel with videos.

Blue in the Face

Blue Microphones Ultimate Streamer Bundle $140 – This bundle features one of the best microphones on the market with Blue’s Blackout Yeti micrphone. You can plug this USB microphone into a PS4, Xbox One, or PC and have your voice come in crisp and clearly. Able to pick up sound in various directions with four selectable modes, this is a great microphone for recording your own commentary or bringing some friends in for a podcast while sitting around a table.

Blue Microphone Yeti

Get a great micrphone and a great game with Blue’s Ultimate Streamer Bundle.

The Yeti’s quality and ease of use make it a bargain at its usual $130 retail price (though it’s often on sale for $100). In another bid to attract gamers, Blue has made its first gaming partnership with Ubisoft to include the recently released Watch Dogs 2 in the Ultimate Streamer Bundle. Not only will the Yeti help your YouTuber’s voice come in clear, they will have one of the holiday’s biggest games available to download on PC.

Blue Lola Headphones $250 – If you are willing to drop a decent amount of cash, Blue’s Lola headphones are a versatile set of cans that pack a punch. They aren’t a dedicated gaming headset but are able to deliver incredible sound from multiple mediums.


Lola delivers high quality sound for both games and music.

Paired with the Yeti, the Lola allows for exceptional chat monitoring and music listening. You can hear any discrepancies in your videos and the footsteps of other players in multiplayer matches.

Smile for the Camera

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 $50 – Looking for a great webcam so you can make a thousand reaction videos or show your face in a stream? Logitech’s C920 webcam is an affordable option that supports 1080p HD video and is compatible with all kinds of PC rigs.

Logitech C920

Put your face in your content with this great entry-level Logitech C920.

It might not produce the kind of quality a dedicated video camera would but the price makes it hard to resist as an entry-level camera that serves many purposes.

Keyboard to Success

IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo $50 – Ease of use is an important factor in every day and in gaming. After putting in a tiny USB dongle, this combo gives users a basic keyboard and mouse to game and compute from a distance. Constantly shifting from couch to computer chair? This is the solution for you.

Kaliber Gaming fills basic gaming needs with this combo. YouTubers who already have clutter around their gaming and PC space will appreciate the lack of wire require by this set and the extra functionality in the mouse. Though it retails for $50 we’ve seen the combo for as low as $30 on sites like Amazon.

Kaliber Gaming Wireless Combo

Kaliber Gaming’s wireless mouse and keyboard combo is great for multi-purposing.

Already have a keyboard and looking for a basic gaming mouse? Kaliber’s Symmetre mouse is $25 and offers LED lighting, programmable buttons, and great performance without excess features. It compliments IOGEAR’s gaming lineup of headsets and keyboards, and other gaming essentials.

Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

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