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Holiday Gift Guide: A Soft Touch

/ Nov 19th, 2014 No Comments

Video Game Plush

Everyone has a budget during these times. While going all out on the loved ones in your life is always preferable, sometimes you need to budget. Except you still want to get high quality gifts to give. For the gamer in your life, some options are prohibitively expensive. Figurines are awesome and look great on a desk, but they fetch a hefty price tag. To help save you some time and money, here are a few video game related gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Vault Boy Plush – Fallout series (Gaming Heads)

Even though Fallout 4 is nowhere in sight, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a gift to satisfy the Vault Dweller in your life. This plush version of Fallout’s mascot, Vault Boy, is sure to make any Pip-Boy user happy.


Vault Boy Plush from Gaming Heads

With his iconic smile and thumbs ups, he will look nifty on a shelf or desk. You can find this post-apocalyptic charmer at Gaming Heads‘ website ( or GameStop (either online or, if you’re lucky, in a store near you).

Pokémon Plushes (Tomy)

Who doesn’t remember catching pocket monsters back in the day? Or if we’re being honest, this Friday. Whether your starting region was Kanto or Kalos, these quality plushes from Tomy are a great gift for anyone who trained to be the very best like no one ever was, and Herman Cain too. Tomy produces a wide variety of Pokémon plushes, but the coolest among them are the starters from Pokémon Red/Blue and X/Y.


Pokemon Plushes from Tomy.

The pan-generation fire, water and grass starters will stir up great nostalgia — just make sure to select the right starter. It is an important choice. These plushes are available from a variety of stores and online retailers. You can source them directly through Tomy’s website, or check Level Up Studios (, GameStop, Target or Toys R’ Us (in store or online).

Street Fighter Plushes (Gaming Heads)

Can the person you are shopping for throw a dragon punch like its breathing? Do they often get hype and/or salty? If so, you may want to check out these delightful chibi plushes of the Street Fighter holy trinity.


Street Fighter Plushes from Gaming Heads

Once again, Gaming Heads produces the quality stuffed version of Ken, Ryu and Chun-Li. You can find these directly on the company’s website or at GameStop (in store or online).

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Plushes (Little Buddy)

Did a loved one or close friend lose their damn mind and social life last summer? Were they 3DS wielding zombies addicted to catching beetles and sharks to make enough money to pay off that extortionist Tom Nook? Was the only thing they ever asked you about was what fruit your island had? If any of the following applies, chances are they would be happy to get a plush version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf‘s colorful cast.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Plushes from Little Buddy

Little Buddy produces a wide selection of Animal Crossing denizens. Whether you want to give you loved one a plush Isabelle, K.K. Slider or Mr. Resetti, or torture them with a constant reminder of their debt in Tom Nook, there is a variety of options out there. There are a couple of places that sell these adorable plushes, but the best place to find them is at Level Up Studios. They even have DJ K.K. Slider complete with plush turn tables.

Regular Dad Plush (Fangamer)

Now I know what’re you thinking — Why put a plush toy of an average dad on a list of gifts for gamers? Honestly, this confuses us, too. It just seemed like the right thing to do because this plush from Fangamer is such high quality.


Regular Dad Plush from Fangamer

While the game might not be for everyone, the coolest gamers among those on your list will enjoy this lovely plush of a dad just trying to do right by his wife and kids. You can find this perfectly normal human dad at Fangamer (


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