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High Hopes for New Mass Effect 3 DLC

/ Jan 7th, 2013 8 Comments

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

Heated words.

Mass Effect 3 recently received new downloadable content (DLC) with Mass Effect 3: Omega, but the big story is that another DLC is in the works. From what tidbits of information are available, the upcoming content might be the best yet. In fact, it could be the closure that Mass Effect fans have been seeking since the third game’s release.

Here is what is currently known about the DLC. Eight writers are penning the script, and the score will be written by Sam Hulick, who previously worked on the game trilogy. He tweeted on Twitter that the score could cause gamers to cry. Also, other tweets to and from the series’ voice actors have hinted that some Normandy crew members should appear with new dialogue lines. There is currently no title or release date set.

[adsense250itp]The details that have emerged so far lead one to believe that this next DLC will be substantial. All signs point to it involving your squadmates and having the option to use them during the mission. Although only the music is explicitly referred to as tear-jerking, it does imply that the scenes featuring that music will be emotional. Some have speculated that the content will focus on the end of the game or the Citadel. However, BioWare has had their opportunity to add to the ending with the previously released Extended Cut DLC. Chances are that they will not return to the controversial conclusion again. Gamers cannot get their hopes up about this new DLC possibly being a further expansion of the ending.

If one thing is certain, this new DLC could learn a few things from the previous content releases. The From Ashes DLC features a mission that leads to a new squadmate, Javik. The content is not that substantial or exciting, but From Ashes does provide a look into the background of the Protheans. It is somewhat irritating that this content was available for sale on the first day of release and was not merely included in the game for free. The Extended Cut DLC is the free fix-it that BioWare gave the fans in response to their outrage over the endings. It fleshes out the original ones and provides another game-ending option, but does not deliver more gameplay. In fact, the Extended Cut does not even offer that much more closure. The Leviathan DLC provides some fun missions and extra dialogue, but there are some tiresome aspects. Running around a lab to find items as part of a basic puzzle sequence is not exactly a barrel of fun. Leviathan also answers some important questions about the Reapers. However, a huge question is left. Even if the Reapers are defeated, is the galaxy really free while Leviathans are lurking the dark? Some might find this annoying, others could see it as though-provoking. Omega has some great action, but it is glitchy and has a weak story. On top of that, Omega feels quite over-priced. Uneven and mostly not worth the investment, these DLCs do not set a great precedent.

A DLC threaded in the game’s story arc and involving favorite characters, interesting gameplay, and further expansion into the world of the game would be an extremely welcome addition to Mass Effect 3. It would be even better if it were reasonably priced for the content that it offered. While it is foolish to dream of a perfect DLC that would put a Band-Aid on all of the problems, it is not unreasonable to hope for one that does the series justice and does not merely gouge gamers for a few extra bucks. If this is the last new content for Commander Shepard’s trilogy, it should go out with a bang.

Kathrine Bryan
Kathrine is a contributor to the editorial team at Gaming Illustrated. She is an avid video gamer who has been playing video games for the majority of her life, starting with "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" (GEN) in1994. Currently, she mostly plays Xbox 360 and PC games, though she does own almost every major console or portable device out there.
Kathrine Bryan

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  • CJ

    Yes, I’d be ‘game’ if the price was low. I still think $60 for a game with limited repeat plays was too pricey, so I think EA owes us some cheap d/ls. I actually happen to be playing through ME3 again these past couple of days. Even after several months, the repeating dialog was drivin me nutz so I set it to limited dialog (or whatever its called). But that caused my ‘Renegade’ setting to go up, caused my male Shepard to do a couple of unethical things IMO & caused the loss of Kaiden! I’m probably the average ME player– I like the Sci Fi, the combat, the exo-anthropology (I’m an archaeologist), &, yes, the relationships. I’m a Vet gamer– even had a Pong!– & it’s the 1st game I’ve ever really gotten emotionally involved with. My Fem Shep from ME2 *really* fell for Thane. What a brilliantly written (& acted) complex character. Was *so* disappointed he was killed off in ME3– spent the next 2 play-throughs tryin to find some way of saving him. I didn’t mind the ending as much as others. I accepted the dichotomy of organics vs. synthetics. Tho it is frustrating to throw in such an effort at ‘saving the galaxy’ when you have such limited outcomes. I’m a Carl Sagan person. I believe in space exploration because it inspires the human spirit. ME3 was rather, well, defeatist. To see the ‘Mass Effect gateways’ fall, especially, was *very disheartening*. I think the lesson EA should learn is to better understand their users– much more beta’ing & thoughtful public involvement.

  • Paul Grayson

    Personally I do not have very high hopes for any future projects or expansions by EA. Mass Effect was to me the perfectly created universe, the game held onto a somewhat cliche impending doom storyline but it was in a sense the perfect game. Had EA have been uninvolved in any aspect of ME3 (and should Drew Karpyshin have stayed) the ending of this amazing trilogy would have been awe inspiring. But the problem isn’t with Bioware or its creative team, the root of the issue is EA, a game can gain immortality (such as zelda) if the people in charge really love the series and care about the game. Mass Effect was a carefully constructed masterpiece, it had its flaws like everything else, but the complexity and simplicity of the universe merged to create an immerse and intense reality for its fans. I loved that something as simple as going to the Luna base in ME1 or letting Dana Thompsis live in either ME1 or 2 had an affect on ME3, it was those small subtleties that made the experience that much more real, as pieces of a puzzle you hadn’t even seen start to fall into place. Mass Effect 1 and 2 own their success not to EA, but to the hardworking people who cared for their creation and safeguarded it against sabotage. But EA had to get their hands on it didn’t they. The day one DLC was like a punch in the ribs. Story writers in bioware released statements saying that From Ashes was intended to be included as part of the full game, but once again EA got involved and pushed the deadline. Originally the ME3 ending was going to be nearly omnidirectional- from failure to sacrifice to every degree of success there is. Drew Karpyshin had originally planned the ending to include that the reapers were true servants of the cycle. That every 50,000 years reapers transcended the most advanced species of that cycle to be a reaper in order to fight against the pressing dark matter, that continued use of biotics, relays, and time had caused the dark space at the edge of the galaxy to seep into our universe. That the reapers were sacrificing all known life to preserve life for the next cycle, and that the creation of a human reaper, as seen in ME2, was actually a last ditch effort to try and stop the dark matter from crossing out of the void, the big decision of the entire universe was going to be sacrifice all of humanity to gain a longshot an saving all life, or fight back on the reapers to end the cycle and preserve the continuation of the current cycle, and pray humanity and all its allies can find a way to end the cycle. I don’t know about you but the ending composed before that genitalia decimating blow of an ending shovel’d fresh out of the poopie shack from uncle cleatus was far more impressive.

    I am unsure of how the Bioware team will fare with this salvage project, but I wish them luck. And a quick message to the self concerned butt clowns at EA who ravished a cherished alternate reality for their pocket book: I do not give two inbred flying whoopies how, but please slowly and painfully mutilated whatever sorry excuse for manhood you sport around as a man-reproductive-device. I wish to conduct experiments soon your rectal opening using a cactus.

  • Paul Grayson

    ^who ever was responsible for validating my comment made it better with the censors.
    Whoopie? How about intercourse. A valid substitute.

    • Sometimes it’s our automated system and sometimes I feel like getting creative.

      • Paul Grayson

        Well I certainly have to applaud your creativity on that one, bravo good sir.

      • Dan


  • jcdenton2012

    I’m going to be honest. I do not foresee anymore DLC about the ending of the game for Mass Effect 3. However, just like how Dragon Age 1 had a 1.5 game called Awakening, we might get a Mass Effect 3, 1.5 game based on the same idea. We didn’t want to make a full game to explain the cluster fuck we created for ourselves so we are going to create half a game for players to enjoy… and pay us for. An, “After Invasion” mini game seems WAY more probable, you could call it, Mass Effect 3: Awakening, for all I care.

  • Simon Kitson-Harris

    Hmmm bioware really need to get their heads out of their bungholes. The games were amazing as the game was vast, you had all these possibilities. The game was made a little more fun with the extremely minor changes that you can make, what made the first two games amazing, was the connections you made with others. Also random events of bumping into someone you have met before.

    I didn’t expect a sad or a happy ending, and ending with loss would have been good. I personally feel that limiting the story of the reapers to 3 games was the worst idea ever. There were so many possibilities and you shafted the whole concept and world you created. If your writers haven’t been fired ….then I’m really not sure what can get someone fired. The third game sucked. It was short in feel, low in true emotion, stupid cameos of past characters, that annoying force field where you have to stop between the shop and the war room. Why add vega now? And If you had to why have him as such an intergrated role? The shuttle pilot was awesome, random red shirt from the beginning.

    Fix the ending, not because some gamers are crying and being pathetic about it (like me) but because the story itself deserves so much better than what you gave it.

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